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7 / 10 
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In the frozen East Coast winter, Rebecca is withering away in a life of cocktail parties and lonely nights as the sheltered, soft-spoken wife of a successful doctor. Across the country in sun-drenched New Mexico, charismatic ex-con Dylan is struggling to find his footing and a fresh start. When these polar opposites realize they share an inexplicable connection, a unique metaphysical romance begins.


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Disappointing lack of explanation or substance

One of my few poor ratings. It could have been a good story but they simply never really told a story. There is no sci fi in it at all, just two characters constantly talking to each other in their heads without ever exploring how or why. The ending is ridiculous.

Even the idea of a love story is thwarted by the failure to provide a sense of falling in love.

The actors are good, the story is one of the weakest I've seen; one I watched only in hopes of it going somewhere. Because it held my attention well enough (with only three times of fast forwarding) until I had the opportunity to be utterly disappointed with the inadequate ending, I give it a 4.

An all time favorite.

When I say that this is the most amazing movie I've ever seen, I'm not even exaggerating. I watch a lot of movies and this one isn't like any other. Honestly, when I first stumbled upon it on Netflix, I didn't expect it to be so good. It really surprised me. I'm so glad I watched it. In Your Eyes is one of those movies that you'll probably be thinking about for days after watching it. I know I did. The acting was excellent and the plot was so refreshing. Zoe Kazan and Michael Stahl- David were great. I absolutely adored it! I wouldn't say that it's really sci-fi though. I think it's more of a romantic drama or fantasy. It's sad how underrated this movie is. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone reading this.

I Love this unique story

This is the type of movie, that touch deep your soul not so much with the actor playing, but the story behind. The fairytale about the true and deep connections that makes you wonder if there is anyone who is meant to be with you, but like really meant to be... I really love the story - so unique and different. LOVE it! If anyone know movie similar of that, please tell in the comments. Oh and of course, the actor is super duper cute. Well of course my actual vote for the playing is less than 10, the cinematography is also could of be better, but still the movie is awesome and unique. I am kind surprised I watch the movie nowadays, even know it is from 2014, but I do not sorry for that. I will recommend it so my friends and to all of you. If you want story, that is easy to assimilate, but still deep enough to make you think about it after watching - this is the perfect movie for you.
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