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History | Horror
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Directors: Paul Hyett [Director] ,

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Early in the seventeenth century, a young woman, Persephone, is falsely accused, arrested and put on trial for her life. Her fate seems sealed but for the timely intervention of a stranger, the mysterious Reverend Mother, who offers Persephone not just sanctuary, but hope. For the Reverend Mother is the self-appointed leader of a small religious retreat, a secluded Priory, where she and her fellow Sisters can devote their lives to the Lord and seek atonement for their pasts. But upon her arrival, Persephone is plagued with terrifying visions and soon realizes that it's not Salvation that awaits her, but a battle for her very soul itself.


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A Horror Story That Crawls And Slithers Under Your Skin...To Scratch At Your Soul...

So when the epic "The Conjuring" starts to branch out with "Annabelle" and "The Nun" storylines it's like casting chum into the waters... the sharks start swarming. There has been an influx of killer doll flicks and horror titles with "Nun" in or religious-based movie gruesomeness.

I can't fault the filmmakers for wanting to make money and get their film out to audiences... just as long as they believe in their work and their not out for a quick buck, made from somebody else's hard work.

"The Convent" isn't a quick buck maker. However, with actresses Hannah Arterton, Claire Higgins, Rosie Day, and Emily Tucker you have a main cast that is stronger than "The Nun"

Claire Higgins gives a more than credible portrayal of a misguided Reverend Mother, who "saves" lost souls and wayward girls from the barbaric justice of the period. She is strong, unemotional, and unflappable, even when her world falls apart. While Hannah Arterton as the seer, Persephone gives a quiet and moody performance. You get the idea that there's something different about her. That she's always looking, listening, and forming ideas and conclusions. Whereas, the other wayward girls have had the fight religious'ed out of them, making them sheep. Persephone has enough piss and vinegar left to go head to head with the holinesses.

However, I cannot understand why Michael Ironside does a cameo for this film. Now I love Michael and I do tend to watch a film should I see his name in the titles. Though, for the size of his role, he shouldn't have been in the top billing, especially when he's not the strongest actor in the cast. This film is strong enough to stand on its own without needing a name to pull in a crowd. It would've been nice if he'd tried an English accent at least.

The story is your basic Good V's Evil. Unfortunately, the Sisters pride set them up for one hell of a fall (puns intended) and a darkness falls over the convent. There's a strange malady falling over the inhabitants. A fever that infects the brain and forces the diseased to claw out their own eyes. Persephone begins to suspect that there's something else at work in the convent. Could it be the Reverend Mother, The Sisters, or something else?

There aren't many twists in the tale, though the way it's filmed, along with the strength of the acting, keeps the audience watching. The lighting is nice, though it could have been a tad more atmospheric. It wouldn't have hurt to throw in some different and creative film techniques to add a bit more interest; titillating the viewers a little more. All over, it's pretty standard horror fair - direction-wise. I must admit, I did like the way that the gore was kept to a minimum and used perfectly to shock and to build the storyline. Even the quick-snap flashbacks to the massacre were used flawlessly. The gore here come quick and fast - leaving the viewers mind to fill in most of the details.

For me, the pace of the film could have been more varied. For the most part, the story is slow. This builds atmosphere and lets you have time to digest the characters and their surroundings. The thing is, when the director wants to create tension, especially when Persephone is sneaking about, he can't really slow it down anymore - it would make it boring. So, being a little faster paced could only have enhanced the mood of these scenes, which didn't quite work.

If you enjoy horror stories that crawl and slither under your skin and scratch away at your souls then this could be for you. "The Convent" is an enjoyable film and one to watch on a dark cold night... you might feel like you're there with them...

the zombie nun

I thought it's just like another horror ghost nun, but at the end it changed to another zombie story that played by nuns. well, that's good i think but kindly ridiculous ?? . The ancient background scenes are very beautiful. For me this movie isn't too scary enough. But still i enjoy the blood effects all through it, with the last standing woman not man ?? as a zombie nun hunter. foot.

This movie is a prime example of what a horror movie should not be. In fact this can't even be called a horror movie. Its all confusing and makes no sense. Why did they even make this movie? I would suggest you instead watch an old horror classic.
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