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Biography | Crime
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Directors: Clint Eastwood [Director] ,

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American security guard Richard Jewell saves thousands of lives from an exploding bomb at the 1996 Olympics, but is vilified by journalists and the press who falsely reported that he was a terrorist.


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The competent biography

"Richard's case" is a good and competent bibliography, following the line that Clint has been following in his films for some time, portraying small American heroes with assertiveness and good technical and artistic elements.

The script tells the story of Richard, a security guard who aspires to be a policeman who finds a bomb during the 96 Olympics, even with the explosion, the security guard ends up saving many lives and then sees himself as the main suspect in its implementation, following a timeline and without opening spaces for interpretations or contemplations the script focuses on three nuclei that intertwine and talk to each other, two of these nuclei represent the government and the media, and the feature exposes the malice and malice of those who seek an agony to condemn together public opinion.

Clint's direction interweaves some arcs and conducts the narrative in a precise way, without creating unnecessary scenes, its editing helps with a constant rhythm that makes the two-hour film seem to have had only one, despite a slightly cold direction. and not authorial, Clint is accurate in every scene, with simple cameras, clear photography and relying a lot on his actors.

And speaking of his cast of actors we speak of yet another hit by Clint and his production, all the actors are great in their roles, but it is worth highlighting the choice of the protagonist, actor Paul Walter, who delivers an amazing performance and his mom, the already stamped Kathy Bates looks wonderful and lives up to her nomination, Sam Rockwell also delivers a great performance. 8/10

Thrillingly underrated.

Let me begin with stating, how the hell did'nt this make it to Best Picture? How the hell did'nt P.W. Hauser nor Rockwell get a nomination for their work?

Richard Jewell is a true amazing story of the reality and sadness of the american system in relation to crimes. There is always an immediate search for someone to blame after a crime happens.

Performances drive the film. Paul Walter Hauser did an astonishing work, having into account both his resemblance to the real Jewell and his amazing acting skills which yet remain unkown to many. Sam Rockwell is one of the best actors working these days, and he should've gotten his 3rd nomination in a row for Best Supporting Actor. Kathy Bates did incredible, she was true and relatable. Others such as Jon Hamm and Olivia Wilde properly fulfilled the picture's ensemble as well.

Clint Eastwood is simply amazing. Being in the industry for over 70 years and still managing to impress. The plot is handled with intensity, and thrilling scenes are to remain in my memory. Though he did a great work, some particular blocking and editing disconnected me for brief moments. Nevertheless, he handled a properly written script and brought a thought provoking story to life with the great aid of the casting chosen.

This film is captivating and gripping from the first scenes already, and it manages to keep you hooked and rooting for the good guys from the moment of the incident.

It's sad to remember this as a true story because it definitively shows how flawed the society we live in is.

Nevertheless, it works greatly as a cinematic piece and I would love to see it again.

Media prosecutors come back for a second helping

This is a great movie. The acting, the writing, everything about it is excellent.

Richard Jewell is a true story, not a political ad. If you can get politics from it, you're a genius because I just watched it and I couldn't find any.

Another thing. The movie surprised me. There's humor, for one thing. Not dumb jokes but humor that comes from situations and personalities. Also, the treatment of characters surprised me because they weren't one-note. You keep learning things about them.

Look, just go see this movie while it's still at the cinema. I promise you, there's no orange-man stuff in it. It's a movie about real human beings (as opposed to over-powered purple men with scrotums on their chins) and not one word on immigration, North Korea or the pension crisis.

Or you can just skip it. Maybe Hollywood will take the hint and stop trying to make movies like this. Then we can all look forward to an infinity of super hero movies and Star Wars sequels. Won't that be nice?
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