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84 min
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6.2 / 10 
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Directors: Nathan Catucci [Director] ,

Movie Description:
An ambitious professor becomes caught up in the murder of a participant in his sleep study, as the lines between dreams and reality blur.


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Watch It!

Santino Fontana was so good in this. Great cast and storyline. I highly recommend this film.

A must watch

This film dragged a little but it still had a lot to keep me entertained. I think the storyline is pretty solid. Could the story be a little better? Mabye but I think the production and acting made up for it. It's a thriller that's for sure so if your into these types of movies this is a must watch. 8 stars

A dream

Impossible Monsters will give you nightmares after watching it. Love the storyline, the movie didn't drag - it was on point and had a great ending also. Awesome actors, music and the production is top notch.
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