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Directors: Anthony Maras [Director] ,

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A gripping true story of humanity and heroism, HOTEL MUMBAI vividly recounts the 2008 siege of the famed Taj Hotel by a group of terrorists in Mumbai, India. Among the dedicated hotel staff is the renowned chef Hemant Oberoi (Anupam Kher) and a waiter (Academy Award-Nominee Dev Patel, Slumdog Millionaire) who choose to risk their lives to protect their guests. As the world watches on, a desperate couple (Armie Hammer, Call Me By Your Name and Nazanin Boniadi, "Homeland") is forced to make unthinkable sacrifices to protect their newborn child.


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ok story but response time of military...really????

Good acting and writing but why did it take special forces so long to respond? And why didnt more guests fight back? Dont know what i would do in the situation i guess but i can say the indian police are weak and inept for sure.

Reinforcement islamophobia

Reinforcement islamophobia and Islam image distortion is now alternating between Hollywood and Bollywood, exploding emotions and tears with exact stereotypical view but with a deeper sentimental storyline and a much more money over production.

Typical, formulaic Hollywood revisionism

For the true accounts of exactly what happened at Hotel Mumbai (and around the city) during the terrorist attacks, watch any one of the many documentaries available. This is just a fantasy version trying to mix "Die Hard" with "hotel Rwanda". It's bad. Of course, because it was marketed to American audiences they had to have an American protagonist who has to show an act of bravery...but not enough to actually result in anything, since that would prompt people to look him up and realize there were no Americans killed during the Hotel siege. And there has to be a "western" muslim to balance out the terrorists to show "see? They're not ALL like that!" And while this character was portrayed as a hot, rich Persian chick, the reality is she was a dumpy, old turk (and her husband); both atheists/secular who quickly pretended to be muslim (the woman put her sash around her head) to show the terrorists "look! don't kill us! We're one of you!!!!" and subsequently lived.

Yes, gang, the reality is far more horrible and there really were very few heroes or likeable characters at the waiter and head chef portrayed who really did help many to safety. If you have nothing else to do (i.e. are on an airplane) then fine, watch it (that's how I saw it). But don't expect much.
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