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Horror | Sci-Fi
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25 fps
Spanish 5.1  
Run Time:
94 min
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7.1 / 10 
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Directors: Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia [Director] ,

Movie Description:
In a dystopian future with absence of resources, people can freely to inn The Pit, a vertical underground jail where after an interview to check the possible admission, the volunteer passes a determined time in exchange to get more social position. Hoping to get an approved title, Goreng wakes up in the level 18 to discover The Pit's structure: only one cell of 6 meters height (so-so 20 feet) per level with a rectangular hole in the middle in all them, used by The Pit's administration to descend a too rectangular floating platform with the food for all prisoners, downing from level 0 (the restaurant where food is cooked) to the bottom, staying 2 minutes per level. With veteran Trimagasi as cell's partner, Goreng learns eventually The Pit's main rules: 1st, each inmate arrives The Pit with a personal object from the exterior; 2nd, the inmates can't keep food off the platform under penalty to die by extreme heat or cold; and 3rd, one time per month all inmates are asleep with gas in ...


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    Daniel is a writer, who arrives to an secluded inn in the countryside near a lake, in there, he meets the owner Veronica, a beautiful but perturbed woman who is married to an invalid. Suddenly, one by one other guests fall prey of a razor wielding maniac.


Read My Review after you saw this movie ( Spanish B+ Movie) My Ratings 7/10

Every day the cooks supply with little but enough food so that everyone in the hole can survive. The problem is how people share the food. It is easy to blame a leader or a system (capitalist, communist, etc.) but in reality it is the attitude of each one that counts.

  • Entering the hole represents seeking a reward in a short time, and everything bad that happens there is what we do to get it. (maybe we are all in the hole already)

  • The first cellmate has a knife and tells him that each time he uses it he sharpens more, without a doubt reflects the experience in betrayal to survive the stab wounds he has given people to achieve his goal is his best weapon. When the situation gets complicated he does not hesitate to eat his partner to survive and he says, I do it because I only have 2 months left to go out and I have to eat well, and you are young you have a lot of time left .. this reflects that the Lord thinking about his retirement needs more money and more resources than a young person.

  • The cold and heat that you feel if you keep some food, represents the consequences of taking too much (that includes social deterioration but also climate change)

  • The second companion is a vegetarian environmentalist, her dog represents that she is an animal friend and protects you. With a soft voice she tries to convince others to ration the food they eat, but nobody listens to her, she enters the hole because her ambition is to want to change the system.

  • The third partner reflects a person who has struggled to get to the top, makes it clear when he tells the protagonist that he wants to give food to the other two people because they helped him up.

  • The search to send a message to ground zero is like Don Quixote's fight, a noble but imaginary fight. we all have to change, be generous with others (perhaps it is impossible because it is not our nature).

  • The hole is deeper than the protagonist imagined. (poverty is worse than we suppose)

  • When the protagonist reaches the last floor 333 (this number is associated with good luck, which is what one is looking for)

  • The girl represents prisoner 666, a number we already know who represents: she does not smile, does not speak, does not cry. The spirit of the first partner of salde tells the protagonist that she is the message, that they have a gift that he cannot see, that the message does not need a bearer.
The girl reflects the bad, the disease, the viruses of excesses, which nobody sees by being in the hole.

  • The girl really was an hallucination of the dying protagonist.

  • The girl's mother, which it really isn't, she was simply contaminated with what the girl represents.

  • What really got to the top was the panacota (dessert), and the chef when he saw the panacota does not understand the message and thinks that they did not eat it because it had a hair. This scene is really the end, even if it is not the end.


The movie was really tense. I like the scenario. But I don't get why they made such a bad end for such a good movie.

THE PLATFORM (2019) - 30/03/2020

This movie was so disappointing. Such a cool concept which a message that was delivered at the perfect time. Unfortunately, The Platform fails to bring any interesting development and additional intrigue to what was promising. The more it delves deeper into the narrative, the more shallow it becomes, with a ridiculous, rushed ending. It fails to conclude anything and compensates his lack of substance by gore and violence.

  • Mitchell Bulfin
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