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Action | Sci-Fi
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90 min
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3.8 / 10 
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Directors: Richard Lowry [Director] ,

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It happens without warning. All electrical devices are abruptly shut down. Dark, unearthly clouds form over cities and towns from which lightning strikes and vaporizes its victims. Food and water are suddenly contaminated, causing a bacterial infection that kills within the hour. Ominous robed figures sweep the cities and landscapes, vaporizing everyone in sight. As the nightmarish events continue to unfold, the grim reality becomes clear that by day's end mankind will be extinct.


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I like tira

If the theme really is extermination, then I think the movie is a failure.Too much suffering.There is no hope.There's no hope at all.


In comparison with Cheynobel there was makeup techniques used that was award winning.The idea of the characters experiencing it as a localized event and then realising it was a large scale event gave the story line a feel of realism.Including the sinners' prayer and relevant bible verses added a profound sense of suspense.The special effects of the alien beings was appropriate in the way they were exposed by degrees.I'd recommend this film to everyone and anyone interested in sci-fi and or the subject of the rapture. The cast, crew and production team did an excellent job of presenting and story telling.

Inconsistent, and incoherent plot

This was neither constructed well nor executed well. It appears to be an attempt by a Christian group to give a Scirnce Fiction twist yo it's interpretation of the accounts given in Revelatoons. It fails.
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