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Short | Comedy
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French 2.0  
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44 min
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7.3 / 10 
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Directors: Jean Vigo [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Bruel, Caussat and Colin are three students at a boarding school. There is a continual battle between the school's authority figures and students. The teachers and monitors are always giving the three in particular "zero for conduct" and Sunday detention for their behavior. Conversely, most of the students believe the headmaster, teachers and monitors are a combination of authoritarian, inept, and/or corrupt. The one exception among the teachers is Huguet, newly arrived to the school, he who has a penchant for imitating as the Little Tramp, and to do handstands whenever the mood suits him, which includes in class. The boys are always doing whatever it takes to amuse themselves, which if it causes the teachers grief, so much the better. The three are the masterminds of a plot to overtake the school's Commemoration Day celebrations. The one student not involved is Tabard, who is seen as a sissy among the student body. Bruel believes Tabard should be involved. An act by ...


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In a repressive boarding school with rigid rules of behavior, four boys decide to rebel against the direction on a celebration day.

"Zéro de conduite" was approvingly described by critic David Thomson as "forty-four minutes of sustained, if roughly shot anarchic crescendo." This was not the widespread opinion at first, however, and "Zéro de conduite" was actually banned by the French government until after the second world war.

Though the film was not immediately popular, it has proved to be enduringly influential. Fran?ois Truffaut paid homage to "Zero for Conduct" in his 1959 film "The 400 Blows", widely considered one of the greatest films of all time. And then there is the influence on "If...", which should be better-known.

A Weird Masterpiece!

It's a real shame that director Jean Vigo died as young as he did. With an only four film long career, he still managed to make some of the greatest and most important films of all time!

"Zero for Conduct" was Vigo's third film, and it is an absolute masterpiece of French cinema. Using many experimental filmmaking techniques (ex: slow motion, animation, etc.), it's a satirical comedy that celebrates cinema and freedom.

Of course, it's very unconventional. As I said before, it uses some very experimental techniques, and it is full of many more strange stylizations. The soundtrack is pretty odd, because at times, it actually features a song being played in reverse!

"Zero for Conduct" is a true masterpiece!

A dreadful viewing experience

Jean Vigo's "Zero for Conduct" embodies all the worst connotations of the term 'art film': it's dull, pretentious and incomprehensible. Worst of all, the claims that critics make for the film are untrue. Far from being 'the purest picture in the history of cinema of what authority appears to be to young minds' (Mick Martin & Marsha Porter, 'Video Movie Guide'), "Zero for Conduct" comes off as an effete adult's self-consciously artsy statement about youth versus the powers that be...and it's a long, distorted lens indeed that Vigo was looking down. Explosions, fast cars and nude starlets aren't necessarily my idea of a good time, but neither is this. (If you're in the mood for art cinema, might I suggest Maya Deren's "Meshes of the Afternoon" instead?)
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