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Documentary | Music
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23.976 fps
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83 min
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7.6 / 10 
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Directors: Bruce Springsteen [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Live concert performance of Bruce Springsteen singing songs from his album 'Western Stars'.


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Intimate and Great!

In one of Bruce's box-set documentaries He said that more than fame or riches, He wanted to be great. Some people are cynical about His seemingly pretentious, poetic musings, but he's been doing this type of soul searching His whole life. He's more than just a rock star, He is a deep creative artist. Wonderful tunes, imaginative stories, with a message to tell. Whether you agree with his ideas about internal philosophical influences, you can tell that He's put a lot of serious thought into his songs, and what He thinks they mean. I think that He's authentic, I think He's Great, and so is this film, and these songs. Open your heart to the contemplative beauty of these songs.

Orchestrations are too big for the songs intimacy

My issue with the movie is that he's taken his artistry and trying to "orchestrate" it and it doesn't work. The songs would be better re-arranged with the E-Street Band rather than a 30-piece orchestra.

The movie tries to tell a story through the narration and lyrics, but it gets lost in the orchestrated arrangements.

A has been's mission

Voice is still good, but songs are all similar and non inspiring. Certainly not meant for the commercial market. Disappointing show.
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