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Biography | Crime
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8.6 / 10 
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Directors: Martin Scorsese [Director] ,

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Frank "The Irishman" Sheeran is a man with a lot on his mind. The former labor union high official and hitman, learned to kill serving in Italy during the Second World War. He now looks back on his life and the hits that defined his mob career, maintaining connections with the Bufalino crime family. In particular, the part he claims to have played in the disappearance of his life-long friend, Jimmy Hoffa, the former president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, who mysteriously vanished in late July 1975 at the age of 62.


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Good but also boring

Great acting, very good cinematography and we all know that Scorsese is a amazing director, but the movie is very long, and feels very long, a lot of great movies are very long and they are great, like Lawrence of Arabia and Schindler's List for example, they are classics and in my opinion The Irishman is not going to enter in this category.

Also the de-aging CGI is not convincing, and why putting those contact lens in De Niro eyes, when Scorsese made The Aviator he didn't put contact lens on Dicaprio, in Casino, De Niro didn't look anything like the character he was playing, it was unnecessary, probably Netflix fault.

The most positive point of the film was Joe Pesci performance, he is very contained but can also show that he is a very dangerous person, very different than the roles he played in others Scorsese's films, which are also great, and some other movies he starred during his career.

Looks like we never going to have a great movie with De Niro and Pacino playing two real old guys with a lot of screen time together, and i'm not saying that a lot of screen time together is necessarily better, for example in Righteous Kill they also have a lot screen time, but that movie was bad, in Heat they have only one scene together, two if you counting their confront in the end, but that famous scene in Heat was extremely well written, acted and with perfect timing, but this is for another review.

Grossly Overhyped

If your one of those people thinking about getting Netflix just so you can see this dinosaur, please don't.Watching Robert DeNero in this film is almost sad. He plays the part of a guy in his prime, but the CGI face doesn't work. It looks animated at times and his body moves like a very old man ... even for DeNero's age of mid 70's.The grocery sceen where DeNero beats up the store owner is just embarrassing to watch.Joe Pesci comes out of retirement for this one and shines. He has a stare that burns a hole through you.Al Pacino as the flamboyant Jimmy Hoffa works well.Harvey's Keitel in a small mob boss roll is solid too.But the editing is not together ... the movis drags ... and the fellas in the film unfortunately are just too old to pull this off convincingly.It's too bad this wasn't made 25 years ago, it would have probably worked.Grossly overhyped epic that is passed its prime, in more than one way.Would never waste 3.5 hrs watching again.If your hoping for the next Goodfellas, you've come to the wrong place.

Unbelievably Bad

Well, that was awful. If this excruciatingly long, pointless, meandering mess wasn't a Scorsese film and didn't include a famous, though ancient, cast, it would be getting universally panned. Seriously, what was the point? Three and a half hours of watching old men try to act like a bunch of bad-asses and I still don't get the point. That's three and a half hours I'll never get back.
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