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Directors: Delmer Daves [Director] ,

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Made during World War II, this chronicles a voyage of a U.S. submarine on a secret mission to the very shores of Japan. Much of the film is spent developing the cast of characters that populate the sub.


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A Pretty Good Submarine Movie

Even though it's Christmas Eve a submarine called the U.S.S. Copperfin sails out of San Francisco in 1943 on a top secret assignment which cannot be revealed until another 24 hours at sea. The commander of this vessel is a man named "Captain Cassidy" (Cary Grant) and like many of the men who have served with him has 5 successful patrols to his credit. However, this specific assignment is far more dangerous than anything any of them could have ever realized and it will also have an immediate impact on the war against Japan. Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that as far as "submarine movies" are concerned this film certainly ranks as one of the better ones out there. Be advised though that it was made during World War 2 and because of that there are some elements of propaganda here and there. Likewise, even though the plot is based on a true event it is also quite evident that there are some typical Hollywood exaggerations here as well. But even so this is still a pretty good film and I have rated it accordingly. Above average.

Solid WW2 Sub drama, despite script flaws

I love this film genre, as did my father, a USN WW2 vet (not in the Silent Service.) DT was made during the war and released when the outcome was still in doubt. I'd put it a notch below "Run Silent, Run Deep" a 1957 sub sage starring Gable and Lancaster and I would say the biggest reason is that Robert Wise brought RSRD in at 93 minutes, with virtually no wasted scenes while Delmer Davies brings DT in at a bit bloated 2:15 that could have easily had at least .20 minutes edited from without ruining the story.

Cary Grant, in a solid dramatic performance plays a veteran sub commander who receives an assignment to take his sub into Tokyo Bay shortly after the 12/7/41 attack to do surveillance and collect information for the Doolittle Raiders, whose attack on Tokyo was successfully carried out the following April. This is where the plot has some holes – by listening to dialogue from the veteran crew on board the USS Copperfin you would assume that this boat and crew has already completed several war patrols and they are departing Alameda Naval Base on Xmas Eve, 1942. Another huge gaffe?the crew is heading to Tokyo via the Aleutian Islands, where they will engage in a dangerous rendezvous with a USN PBY who is delivering Lt Ridgely, Naval Intelligence officer, who is fluent in Japanese and familiar with Tokyo. Ridgely will be leading a commando unit onshore to collect data. So why in the world isn't the USN just placing him on board the boat when they depart the base? Except it does allow the script writers to put in an exciting air attack from Jap fighter planes that leads to the death of a crewman, a funeral at sea and several speeches by crew about why we are fighting this war.

There are a couple of flashback scenes that are really needless, but DT pays off with some top notch drama that captures the tension and camaraderie of a sub crew, plus some terrific action when Grant and his crew have to fight their way out of Tokyo Bay and sustain a lengthy depth charge attack. Some good performances by familiar faces playing crew members, among them John Garfield as a perpetually horny sailor, Dane Clark, Robert Hutton and WB veteran Alan Hale, as always playing everyone's best pal? whether he was on the prairie, in Sherwood Forest or on the seas.

"There's lots of Mikes dying right now. And a lot more Mikes will die."

Gripping WW2 film with Cary Grant as the captain of a Navy submarine tasked with a scouting mission ahead of the Dollittle Raid in April of 1942. Grant gives an effortless performance heading a terrific ensemble. The crew of the sub includes John Garfield, Alan Hale, Dane Clark, Tom Tully, and William Prince. Second movie of both John Forsythe and Robert Hutton, cousin to Cary Grant's then-wife Barbara Hutton.

A classic war movie, well directed by Delmer Daves with a smart script that focuses heavily on character more than action. Although there is plenty of that. Reading some of the other reviews, much is made of the use of model subs and planes. Obviously special effects were limited back then. It doesn't bother me but, if you're someone who is particular about such things, consider yourself warned. Speaking of warnings, this is a film made when we were at war with Japan. So there is some politically incorrect language, for those easily offended types out there.
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