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Crime | Horror
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101 min
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3.4 / 10 
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Directors: William Malone [Director] ,

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Four bodies are found in New York City. Why, why, why? The coincidence? They all died 48 hours after logging on to a site named feardotcom.com. Tough detective Mike Reilly collaborates with Department of Health associate Terry Huston to research these mysterious deaths. The only way to find out though what really happened is to enter the site itself...


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I would estimate that I've seen over a thousand movies in my lifetime.FeardotCom may very well be the worst of those films. The acting isbad, the dialogue is worse, and the editing is terrible. The film lackscoherence, cohesiveness, and, in some parts, comprehensiveness. Thefilm manages to maintain its unwatchability for over an hour, but bythat point the viewer will probably have already logged ontowww.feardotcom.com in hopes of ending the misery. If I had been able togive this movie less than a star, I would have done so in a heartbeat.Do not make the mistake of renting this movie; there's a small chanceit may scare you, but the odds of that happening are not worth sittingthrough 90 minutes of some of the worst examples of film-making.
I do not really remember how I came upon this movie, but I do know thatsomewhere along the way it has made it's way into my DVD collection. Ido not know if I blindly bought it, was given it as a "gift", or ifsomeone lent it to me and I just forgot to return it, but whatever way,it is in there now. I watched it quite some time ago, expecting it tobe decent enough, entertaining at least, because I really liked thetagline and the premise seemed fun, though I have learned to stay awayfrom a lot of "technology killing" horrors over the past few years now,and I remembered before I watched it again recently that I hated it thefirst time I watched it, a lot, and it was very negatively reviewed aswell. Watching it again confirmed my feelings.

The film itself is just entirely ridiculous and absurd from beginningto end with a horrible storyline and lame performances and "thrills".There is zero to none interesting scenes that make the viewer feelcreeped out or enticed in any way, and the whole film is a joke withinitself. I especially hated the ludicrous characters and twists, andalso the way the story was executed in a poor manner, not being able tostay with one main idea for too long that it is infuriatingly annoyingto watch the plot, what plot there is at least, unfold. The movieresembles a little diddy of a film titled "Ringu/The Ring" an awfullot, though both of those renditions are spectacular and this palesentirely in comparison, and even though there are some nice settings inthis movie, that is really and truly the only plus side to it.

There are many noticeable errors and plot holes, the dialogue is, forour inconvenience, not as laughable as one would hope, but corny enoughto get a few giggles now and then, especially some of the deliverancesfrom the female lead, and the climax/ending is not anywhere nearheartracing or interest sparking, just bland and hardly tolerable.There are many useless scenes of violence that have no importancewhatsoever except to try and get a rise in the viewer, which was notaccomplished in my situation, and a lot of material is just thrown inthere randomly, which goes back to how I stated it is poorly executedand extremely mediocre. My summary pretty much warns anyone andeveryone away from this movie, unless you are a masochist and want tobe put through this pain.

Terrible Waste!

This has to be one of the biggest wastes of money, time and effort ever! Director William Malone did an entertaining job before this mess with the remake House On Haunted Hill, but here the story has clearly got the better of him and everyone involved! Meaning that there is no story, of course! It's a rambling mess of set pieces that have no tension and zero scare factor. Stephen Dorff is one of those actors who needs to fire his agent, he is talented and easy on the eye, and has made some good films like Blood and Wine, and World Trade Centre. Still, more often than not we find him in the midst of films such as this and Alone In The Dark, where he so obviously is searching for a way out, presumably so he can kill his agent! Natasha McElhone is an actress who's work I genuinely enjoy, films such as The Truman Show and Ladies In Lavender show how good she can be. The poor thing had no chance, she looks worried for her reputation the entire running time ... and please dear, who goes swimming in some flooded factory with a homeless woman as your lifeguard?! And why were you asking her questions about some girl? Oh, sorry Natasha, you didn't know either did you? Stephen Rea ... I can't even think of why he is here ... no excuse at all. After this and In Dreams (a big mistake for Neil Jordan!) he is gonna need about 10 movies as good as Interview With The Vampire, The Crying Game and The End Of The Affair for him to sink his acting chops into again, before he can wash the taste of this experience out of his mouth! Cinematography was basic, and effects were so forced as to make me wonder if the film was set in the future. It's not, it's trying to push for a reaction to the growing threats that the internet can bring on society, but instead it looks terribly dated. Commentory from the director is useless ... he talks of mixing old and new looks ... blah blah blah, it didn't work Billy, your film makes everyone look like they need a good wash and a shot of tequila ... if only to wake up from the nightmare of being in this stupid, incoherent story! Phew, so glad to have got that off my chest ... please save yourselves and don't see this film. To follow what I could of the films "it'll be the last site you visit" story ... this could be the last film you watch ... that's how much it will make you cry for the state of cinema!
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