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8.2 / 10 
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Directors: Tony Kaye [Director] ,

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A graphic documentary on both sides of the abortion debate.


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Best way to shoot a documentary....

This is by far the best film on the subject and on dealing with hard things in general. Black and White and people from all views being allowed to voice their anger and love. From the start to finish the film has people from all over the place talk about their views on what this subject means to them. The thing i find amazing is the counter points from each point of view. The ability to allow people to show how wrong you are yet still remain strong in your view and at the same time see people change their views based on new evidence of something they may not have know about before. When Roe gets interviewed i found it an amazing thing to learn about. Please give it a view. Great conversations will come from it.

a deep dig into an important subject with very hard images

Tony Kaye shows that he is prepared to encounter the debate on abortion by covering an incredibly wide range of point of views and doesn't leave out even the most difficult parts. I will start with "harcore" reality details of the abortive presager before I entail my global feelings on how I received this workpiece. I had to stop viewing for a couple of minutes after they showed the fetuses, my heart was pounding, I felt dizzy, sad and mentally assaulted by those images because they just wouldn't get out of my head once I saw them. Nonetheless I still am pro-choice having being hit by that, It forced me to consider the painful reality that go with my own position. This, of course balanced with so many other things that are also thoroughly explored and exposed in the documentary.

Calling Tony Kaye a "biaest" on that matter doesn't do him justice at all. Simply because neutrality in this just has no existence, the relevant material that piles up in the concerned matter as you go further into it, is bound to lead you somewhere. If their is something going on around you and choose not to implicate yourself, you are in fact indirectly making a choice, the choice of leaving it in the hands of those who are ready to carry out decision. I'm not a Christian but I was raised in that manner so I can refer to a story which most of us know and that is the story of Pilate who also took a step back but nonetheless is a part of the picture, that nails down the point that "not to do" is to "let others do" for the best and for worst parts.

This documentary also shows the mind blowing contradictions that inhabits the fundamentalists stirring up on the pro-life side. The fact that they are ready to take on destructive action on the behalf of their posture, stretching a huge focus on that subject while seemingly indifferent to other subjects that involves human choices and it's caused suffering that are by close or by far correlative to abortion. I'll finish by saying that having claims towards even the most wonderful values doesn't suffice at all, being unable to reflect on your own self and the actions you undertake and paying no attention to the conditions of others and more importantly the ones that should justify some of your moral standards is one of the roots of a hypocrisy, denial and egocentric behaviors.

Somewhat biased, incomplete and not conclusive.

I'm not going to comment on my views on pro-choice or pro-life and the rather different stances of anti-choice and anti-life. I will be commenting on how I felt about this documentary as a film and how I felt about some of its content.

I was attracted to this documentary because it presents itself as being balanced and unbiased. In contrast, is the content of the film. There is entirely too much time devoted to the ramblings of fanatical 'pro-life' men. They were hateful, homophobic and sexist. I'm pretty sure there are rational minded pro-life people who believe in their cause because of a reason other than god - but according to this documentary, they don't exist. The bias factor kicks in when the filmmaker talks about his reaction to a particular pro-life nutjob, and calling him 'evil'... which he is, but the audience can figure that out themselves.

There is also a noted lack of variety in the interviews. Almost everyone is a white male. Some are white females. Almost everyone, I'm certain, talked about god and Christianity. I'm sure people of different ethnicity and religions (or atheists) have something to contribute to the topic.

The abortion procedure along with the images of the foetal organisms are graphic. They were eye-opening and have the ability to sway people in their beliefs. The worst bits, however, come when someone showed the archaic contraception and abortion tools. There is one particular picture of a woman dead with a hanger down there that actually brought tears to my eyes.

Other than that, I liked how the film was set out and although sometimes the time-line wasn't clear or the issues started rambling, it is a good documentary. I just feel that people should be aware of the flaws of the film itself.

If I was undecided before the film, I'd be pro-choice after watching it. The horrible and creepy pro-life men in this film make it very undesirable to be a part of their fight. It's also a concern that they actually might be winning (if this documentary is to be believed).

It's filmed in black and white, with a lot of close-ups, giving it a look of bleak timelessness. It's something I haven't seen in a documentary film before and I'm not entirely sure I want to see that sort of film-making in documentaries again.

Watch it but be wary of the disgust you feel when those men start their rants and when you see the graphic images.
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