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Horror | Mystery
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83 min
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4.5 / 10 
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Directors: Rafal Zielinski [Director] ,

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Winning a trip to Italy through a contest, Jackie (O'Grady) and her brother Tom (Pruett) join other winners Myrna (Demson), Yvette (Lind), Terri (Ulrich), Harlan (Zorek) and Tony (Modugno). They settle into the rooms of an old castle, together with Cassandra (Bailey), a rock star playing along in the contest. Wanting to get a leg up on each other, they all try to sneak out and find the prize before it starts, to no avail. When the contest begins, they start to die one-by-one from a mysterious source within the castle. Figuring that evil forces are at work, the remaining members race to stop the assailant from finishing their work.


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And then there were none

A very bad 80's B-horror movie with awful acting bad effects and some amateur. Adam Ant headlines the movie, yet is in it for 5 minutes camera work. Gave it an extra star for the Death by chair scene, which was a new one for me. Avoid unless you are really bored.

The transformation scene of a man into a pig n the creatures n goat faced demon got totally wasted. Poor Buechler (rip).

I first saw this in the early 90s on a vhs which I owned. I found the film very lousy then. Never played the vhs again.Revisited it few days back.The special effects is by John Carl Buechler n the creatures n demons were all done well but the makers did not utilize em properly. Most of the kills r lousy n offscreen.The movie has a shower scene without nudity, an offscreen sex scene without nudity, a bathtub bathing scene without nudity.

So basically there r no good kills, no scare factor n nudity at all n all this makes it a lousy horror film.The film has a unique transformation scene of a fatter lookalike of Lou Ferrigno into a man pig. Some may argue that the film Willow (1988) has lots of men transforming into pigs.

The ending is again a big meh.We have Albert Band father of filmmaker Charles Band as the wierd cook.

Not Even The Almighty Adam Ant Could Save This One

Not a very good movie. Wasted about 1 1/2 hours with this piece of junk. Adam Ant doesn't fit in a horror movie.

Eat an apple instead.

Even Tyrannosaurus Bong couldn't help this steaming pile of dog turd.
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