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6.5 / 10 
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Directors: Michael Greif [Director] ,

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The story of several friends in New York City facing financial poverty, homophobia, AIDS, and, of course, rent.


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Good but WAY too many unneeded changes!

Diehard Renthead here, and was so looking forward to this! Was interested in seeing how FOX was going to handle the mature nature of this incredible show! The two standouts were Brennin Hunt and Tinashe (Roger and Mimi). Vanessa Hudgens did a great job but Valentina as Angel was just a hot terrible mess and an insult to the character! Except for the great Keala Settle, the rest of the cast seemed to be unknowns and way undertalented! For a show this big, you would think they would have gotten singers who could actually sing! (Gordon, etc). Why sing the song if you can't hit the notes, or sing them well even if you can hit the notes! The sound was terrible for half the show, with the crowd acting like fan girls at a One Direction concert and their screams overtaking the singing. You can actually go onto YouTube and see high school productions that has better singers and LESS changes! Overall I enjoyed the production but thought it was very poorly put together and didn't do the show itself, Justice.

not live, audience distracting, changes annoying, cast not great

I've seen the musical at least twice and the movie many many more times! This version is not worth watching a second time. The fact that it was not live and was intended to be a dress rehearsal was quite distracting. At first, I thought it was pretty strange that they could not perform live without one person, but then again since the casting wasn't that great in the first place, I guess an understudy would have been even worse. The dance sequences in La Vie Boheme were great but changing the lyrics unnecessarily was annoying (throughout all the songs). I found it difficult to understand what they were singing much of the time and the instruments often drowned out the vocals. The tribute at the end was the most memorable part (and the only part that was actually live).

A few gems in a so-so show

RENT is my second favourite Christmas movie and I watch it (or the Live Broadway dvd) every Christmas eve. And I've seen a variety of stagings of the show. Which is all to say that I know the show very well.The highlights are the clever staging, far more elaborate than theatre in the round. The show has more in common with a high-budget stadium concert tour than a theatre setting. The stage is also built to play to multiple, moving cameras and so the live audience is sometimes jammed in.That said, the cleverest incorporation of the live audience is in the protest scene. By setting up barricades and uniformed police at the front of the live crowd, the staging gets a bit meta and turns the audience into the attendees at the in-story event.Vanessa Hudgens would have been better used in the more meaty role of Mimi, but shines nonetheless in the much-smaller role of Maureen. Of all the versions I've seen, Hudgens wrings more out of "Over The Moon" than ever before. It is beefed up into an even more pretentious performance art piece and it becomes a great showpiece.The negatives come mostly from speeding up the show to fit the timeslot. The opening of both Acts feel hurried and Seasons of Love particularly suffers for it. The film, for example, is the same length but cut two songs to get there.The rest of the cast is uneven and the show lacks the emotion of other stagings.Overall, if you have seen another version, just fastforward to Hudgens' big number and the finale and you are good to go. If you haven't seen another version, please don't start here.
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