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3.2 / 10 
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Directors: Jeff Broadstreet [Director] ,

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Barb and her brother Johnny travel to the country for the funeral services of their aunt, but they arrive late and drive direct to the cemetery. They see the location empty, but sooner they are attacked by zombies. Johnny escapes in his car leaving Barb alone, but she is rescued by the drug dealer and college student Ben. He drives his motorcycle to the Cooper farm, and the patriarch Henry Cooper does not give credit to Barb. When the farmhouse is under siege of a group of flesh-eaters zombies, the local mortician Gerald Tovar Jr. arrives and tells a scary story about the origin of the zombies.


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Nothing Redeeming about this at all!

When I saw John Russo's raping of Night of the Living dead, laughingly released as the 30th Anniversary edition, I sat back, shook my head, took the VHS out of my machine and tossed it in a corner thinking, "No one can possibly screw up what is a classic film ever again." Wow, was I wrong. I saw this horrendous abortion of a film in 2-D, since it was released to a movie theater within 500 miles of where I live. Luckily for any theater, since I would certainly have demanded my money back. This was a horrid, terrible, stupid movie. How can anyone sit around and go "Yeah, we made a winner here." This, along with Dawn of the Dead 2: Contagium and Day of the Dead (2008), should all be taken, piled up and burned, the better that no one ever remembers them ever. They should be erased from the collective memory of humanity, yes they are that bad. Acting, bad. Story (Laughable) Bad. SFX. Bad. Even the momentary nudity from an obviously enhanced woman was bad. Just do yourself a favor. Watch the original or the 1990 remake and avoid all this garbage. Your brain will thank you.

Poor cash-in on a true classic

This pointless rehash of the Romero classic sees the original story retold as a modern-day Z-grade effort, replete with amateur night acting and Halloween masks. Yes, it really is that bad, and the biggest surprise is that cash-in king John Russo – a guy who's made an entire career from the fact that he wrote and produced the 1968 film - is nowhere to be seen.

The story diverges little from the original, except to introduce an extra, extraneous character – played by B-movie stalwart Sid Haig. The zombies are so ineffectual here and the gore so tame that two things happen: first, an extra villain is introduced to little end, and secondly, their origin has to be explained in depth. Both take away from the eerie impact of the Romero original, where the horror came from the fact that the world ended abruptly with the 'what if?' scenario of zombies arriving at your door.

The film's hook is the 3D, but anyone going in looking for guts and entrails flying out of the screen (a la the MY BLOODY VALENTINE remake and the latter FINAL DESTINATION movies) will be disappointed. A 3D spliff and subsequent smoke ring are all you're going to get (way to take advantage of the technology, huh?). Speaking of spliffs, the awful dialogue is loaded with stoner jokes and a far cry from the terse exchanges we all remember from Romero's classic.

The acting is terrible, aside from Haig, an actor who always seems to be enjoying himself (complete with ghoulish chuckle) in his recent B-movie outings. The story is so slim that at one stage we take a softcore detour to the barn, where a sex scene between two unappealing characters plays out in all its nude detail. Incredibly, the end result is a film that feels more dated and less grisly than the film that inspired it, made all those years ago; making me appreciate Romero all the more is the only thing this movie does right.

Awful, absolutely dismal.

This movie was absolutely terrible. Bad acting, bad special effects, ridiculous uninspired writing, truly an insult to legacy of Romero in every way.

Not much more to be said, an embarrassing effort not even worthy of scifi channel status.

Do yourself a favor and pass this weak effort by. I diddn't even want to finish it, but I did and I can honestly say it never gets any better.

The only way to make this enjoyable would be to give it the Mystery Science Theater treatment, then it would be tolerable. No one in this movie was even slightly believable and had the combined acting depth of a puddle, INCLUDING their poster boy.
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