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Comedy | Drama
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23.976 fps
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90 min
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5.7 / 10 
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Directors: Sarah Rotella [Director] ,

Movie Description:
A film about growing apart when growing up. Two best friends relationship strains when one deals with her newfound sexuality and the other with breaking up with her long term boyfriend.


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Enjoyable story.

Perfectly showed how people can grow apart in life, especialy when someone gains a boyfriend or girlfriend

I browsed this on Netflix!

Golly what I thought was going to be like a bland spoon-full of not sugar was a really big spoon of sugar, if sugar is spoonfuls of ribald randy ass really Rated-R adult humour. Really fun stuff here, I love it when the team really applies the creative force of the writer to enhance the film through very fun stylistic dialogue. Yes and no things don't ever happen like this, nor do we get adds that really honest and witty but here we did, its entertainment at its finest rather than just sticking to what is real, cause more oft than not reality is quite boring which never translates well for storytelling for boring lends to hackneyed and hackneyed affords a ton of boring hackneyed trite every-day commonplace pedestrian writing. So thank god for the creative person here, they really put in some effort to entertain.


I love the tandem between Elise and Natasha and I was hoping that this will be one of the may things that will bring out the potential in them but it didnt.

The writing was so juvenile. There was hardly a plot and not even something that will teach us by the end of the movie.

The camera is moving a lot too.

Elise and Natasha were still awesome though. but this is really bad.
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