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5.0 / 10 
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Directors: Dominic Brunt [Director] ,

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  • Adult Babies (2017) 1080p - Movie Scene 1
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Seen this advertised in Viz....

....says it all really!!! A crude, fun, gruesome, vulgar rollercoaster of a movie that I would definitely recommend to fans of obscure British horror. Just when you think you couldn't be shocked anymore, then comes the claymation scene, which was my favourite part! Bit of a disappointing ending, but the build up more than made up for that. Who would've thought that Paddy from Emmerdald had such a twisted sense of humour?! Well done to all those involved, will love to see what Joanne and Dominic come up with in the future.

Adult baby attack

The idea sounded very interesting and creative, so there was enough to make one want to see it. The cover looked quite eerie. So saw 'Adult Babies' with genuine interest and wanting to at least sort of like it even if it had many problems.

Seeing it, well 'Adult Babies' certainly did have many problems and it is pretty much exactly the same feelings had when watching a few other films recently. It has its moments and good points certainly, but just underwhelmed even having prepared myself to not expect an awful lot. Not a terrible film or without redeeming qualities, and there is far worse out there of the genre and overall. Liked the concept for 'Adult Babies' somewhat, the execution was generally lacking.

'Adult Babies' at least didn't insult my intelligence. It at least didn't make me angry watching it. Despite giving it a relatively low score and negative review, it even didn't make me regret watching it altogether, there are imminently worse films out there.

It starts off quite well and there are a few amusing and unsettling moments throughout.

Did think it didn't look too bad for a film not made on a high budget, the music set the tone reasonably well and some of the acting is above average.

However, not all the actors are entirely at ease and the characters are not easy to endear to with some irrational ways of thinking going on. The script is very stilted on the most part, while the ridiculousness goes well overboard a lot of the time that it becomes tiresomely dumb and the elements intended to be creepy were spoiled by random gratuity and predictability and bordered on being uncomfortably weird in an excessive sense.

Tension and suspense is next to none after a promising start, the latter stages become very vague and lack explanation and there are parts that come out of nowhere and add absolutely nothing.

Summing up, lacklustre but could have been worse. 4/10 Bethany Cox

Grotesque Horror Comedy

A fine grotesque movie - for certain not for the mainstream audience. Lot's of dark and bad taste humor, some splatter and gore and on top a well done production and well working cast.

What else!? If you like the horror unusual, this one may be made for you - if sexy nurses, rich men in diapers and slashing people (including a heist gone wild) sound attractive to you. Remembers me somewhat a little of Eat the Rich from 1987.
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