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111 min
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6.8 / 10 
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Directors: Lasse Hallstrom [Director] ,

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An inksetter in New York, Quoyle returns to his family's longtime home, a small fishing town in Newfoundland, with his young daughter, after a traumatizing experience with her mother, Petal, who sold her to an illegal adoption agency. Though Quoyle has had little success thus far in life, his shipping news column in the newspaper "The Gammy Bird" finds an audience, and his experiences in the town change his life. Then he meets the widow Wavey...


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*** Shellshock Displaces Awesome Movie ***


Had this movie been released in the last few years, it would have swept the Oscars. Most of us were still reeling from 9/11 when it came out...

So many factors make it a hidden gem:

Spacey's performance -- Great plot and brilliant script -- The entire cast -- Hauntingly beautiful soundtrack -- Breathtaking scenery and cinematography.

Watched it for the first time the other day, and gave it 9 out of 10. It has transfixed me so much that I must now give it a 10.

Thank goodness I found it on Netflix. Still spellbound.

DIfficult to describe...but exceptional if you have the patience.

"The Shipping News" is an exceptionally good film. However, it is so unconventional, so slow and so anti-Hollywood in style that I am pretty sure it's NOT a film that most folks would enjoy. However, if you appreciate a film that accentuates acting and story instead of explosions and breasts, then it may just be the film for you!

Kevin Spacey plays a man simply called 'Quoyle'. Quoyle is a sad sort of man--emotionally constricted and bullied by his uncaring father. Inexplicably, he falls for a woman who turns out to be a complete tramp--and this is being very kindly towards the woman to refer to her this way! The woman is simply no good and cheats on Quoyle--right in front of him. But, he's so dependent and thinks so little of herself that he accepts this. He even grieves when the woman dies after she leaves him AND tries to sell her daughter!! Quoyle has no idea what to do with his life when an aunt he doesn't know (Judi Dench) arrives. Together, they both leave the States and move back to the family homestead in VERY rural Newfoundland. What's next? See the film.

There is a lot more to the film than this but frankly describing the plot is silly, as it's more a slice of life film where the focus is much more on the characters and acting. In other words, what happens is far less important than seeing it happen. A slow but gentle film--I really liked it and wish there were more films like this. Well worth your time if you are patient and don't mind an unconventional story.

All-star but curiously underwhelming Proulx adaptation

On paper this should be a winning romantic matinée - but then, on paper, My Big Fat Greek Wedding should have gone straight to video. It's a rather good yarn this, an outlandishly plotted but nonetheless credible romance set in a modern Newfoundland community. It's well-acted and Lasse Hallstr?m moves the story along briskly. So where's the problem?

I think it's to do with Hallstr?m's determination not to fall into the clutches of piratical-style yarn-spinning. Me hearties. There are an awful lot of little stories just waiting in line to reveal themselves. In the context of a superstitious coastal community one is always a bit circumspect about whether tales are about to be debunked as myth or simply manufactured, especially as the central prepubescent is painted as borderline clairvoyant. Consequently, none of the plot threads are given the chance to really take hold and stir the emotions. For a sincere film it's emotionally over-restrained.

Neither does it help that Kevin Spacey slightly misjudges his homecoming na?f - he goes from being spectacularly stupid, to sagaciously adult in far too short a space of time. All the others have the developmental mettle of their roles better managed. I enjoyed the film but I get the impression that Proulx's novel isn't meant to be quite as breezy. 6.5/10
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