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Comedy | Fantasy
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6.6 / 10 
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Directors: Francesco Rosi [Director] ,

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A wonderful fairy tale of the misadventures of a beautiful but temperamental Neapolitan peasant, Isabella, when she meets the ill- tempered Spanish Prince Rodrigo Ferrante y Davalos. The King of Spain has ordered Rodrigo to choose a wife among seven Italian Princesses, but he is smitten by the lowly peasant. With the help of both witches and saints, Isabella conquers the heart of her Prince after many amusing events--including an outrageous dishwashing contest of the peasant against the Princesses.


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amusing. nice. mixture of fairy tale, eroticism and humor. one ofslices from a period of cinema who suggest more than present, who knowsthe right tools of seduction, who use the actors more for atmosphere .Sophia Loren in a wild role who gives new nuances to the oldCinderella. Omar Shariff as a not ordinary Prince Charming. and a lotof challenges. a film who is useful for its special flavor. because itis not a blockbuster, it is not surprising but has the perfect dose ofcharm for seduce and remind the sparkles of a world for who the filmwas more than entertainment. an easy film. comfortable. may best choicefor nostalgics. but , first, a show who remands importance of smallthings who make the beauty of life.
it is not a blockbuster or an art film. it is not the best film of leadactors filmography. but it is romantic, amusing, funny , nice, ironic.a fairy tale from fairy tale old fashion books. and that is all. theeroticism of Sophia Loren - model for feminist tendency -, the charm ofOmar Shariff ,a new meeting with legendary Dolores del Rio or presenceof an original Catholic saint are perfect pillars for nostalgicmemories and pure delight discovering an easy film about prediction,spell, love and adventures, choices, adventures and victory of truth.confuse in few parts, it is far to be serious. because it has allseduction of childhood and youth seduction. and because it is work of asmart, inspired team who gives to a little joke all force of a greatmovie.
As an admirer of the Italian neo-realist film director Francesco Rosi,I was delighted when a friend mentioned that he'd obtained a copy ofRosi's long forgotten film, "More Than A Miracle." Released in 1967, itonly lasted for a couple of weeks (which explains why I missed seeingit back then), before quickly disappearing from sight. Now, forty-fiveyears later, I finally sat down to watch it. I knew that "More Than AMiracle" was a fairy tale set in 17th. Century Spain. And that itstarred Omar Sharif as Prince Ramon and Sophia Loren as the peasantgirl, Isabella who the Prince falls in love with. I'm not a huge fan offairy tales. However, as this was a Francesco Rosi film, I figured itwould be a cut above films tackling similar subject matter. PrinceRamon has refused to choose a bride from the seven marriageableprincesses whom his mother has selected as most deserving of becominghis wife. Out on his horse he comes across a monastery, and meets friarBrother Joseph who amuses the local children by leaping into the airand flying about the countryside. The friar presents the Prince with adonkey and a bag of flour and instructs him to search for a woman whowill make him seven dumplings. Despite trying to remain 'engaged' withthe film, I soon found myself checking how long still had to run.Seeing a peasant girl picking vegetables, he orders her to make sevendumplings from the bag of flour he gives her. Which she dutifully does,but overcome by hunger, she eats the seventh dumpling. To punish herfor her disobedience, the Prince feigns death and then disappears.While I understood that it was after all just a fairy tale, myattention was beginning to wander. I must have dozed off, as I waswoken up by a sharp poke in the ribs from my wife. On the TV, Isabellawas being rescued from a wooden barrel by a group of street urchins. Bythen, Francesco Rosi or no Francesco Rosi, I'd had enough and went tobed. Next morning, my wife insisted on telling me how it all ended.Apparently, Isabella ended up marrying the Prince and they both livedhappily ever after. Born in 1922, Francesco Rosi directed some of thefinest neo-realist films to come out of Italy. Such classics as "HandsOver The City", Salvatore Guiliano", "Moment of Truth" and "The MatteiAffair" Those alone elevate him to the Pantheon of Italian filmdirectors. To me, "More Than A Miracle" was just a "glitch" and in noway detracts from his reputation as a great film director.
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