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5.8 / 10 
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Directors: Gregg Araki [Director] ,

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After a young actress unknowingly eats her roommate's marijuana cupcakes, her day becomes a series of misadventures.


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Delightful surprise from Gregg Araki

Gregg Araki takes off his usual kink'n'angst bisex-tinted spectacles and shows us the world from a stoner's perspective. Happily, this isn't the typical dumb serving of simulated stoned humor; it elegantly captures the flavor of such classic stoner moments as stoned paranoia, the giggles, massive confusion, stoned driving and "inspired while stoned." A huge factor in the success of this comedy is Anna Faris. She's been compared to Judy Holliday, but her subtly quirky performance in this movie is more reminiscent of a young Mary Tyler Moore, blending emotional humor with deft physical comedy, at once adorable, endearing and hilarious.

Araki milks her performance with simple yet inventive tech work, avoiding clichéd "stoned" camera tricks while making masterful use of his soundtrack to amp up the humor. And as usual for Araki, that soundtrack is loaded with great, hip, off-beat tunes spanning many musical eras, used effectively but subtly.

While obviously not a big budget film, the production values are top notch. Based on Araki's body of work, he's not only one of the hippest directors working today, but one of the most efficient.

The rest of the cast is perfect, including a small bit by Dylan Haggerty, who wrote the screenplay and deserves a huge "thank you" for breathing new life into the genre. His script is funnier, smarter, and more authentically captures the essence of being stoned than other drug comedies, including the very funny "Pineapple Express." Finally, while being stoned might enhance your enjoyment of this film, it is plain outright funny and would be extremely enjoyable straight, for anyone with a healthy sense of humor. In fact, it's a film that any sophisticated film buff should appreciate.

A good movie if you actually SMOKE.

I completely disagree with many of these bad reviews. My personal opinion: if you smoke, definitely see this movie. But not while you're stoned--it will make you paranoid about everything! If you have never smoked pot, or are against it, don't even bother. Honestly, the whole movie is kind of like an inside joke. If you don't get high or haven't gotten high, you won't think it's entertaining, and you probably won't get it. But this is precisely what I love about this movie: it probably portrays being high more accurately than any other stoner movie I have ever seen. I didn't like the ending and it did confuse me a bit as to what message it was trying to get across, but as for the rest of the movie, I thought it was genius. The thought process was incredibly accurate, the physical effects, everything. Being a smoker myself, the whole movie was incredibly stressful, and I understood exactly what the main character felt. So all in all, my recommendation is this: if you smoke, go see it. If you don't, you're not going to like it.

Kudos to Araki and Faris

Can it be? Another awesome Gregg Araki movie? Boyfriend's on a roll! Anna Faris plays the lead (and only she could play a part like this and make it hysterically funny), who gets stoned early in the day and then eats a plateful of her roomie's cupcakes without knowing they're chockfull o' pot. The film consists of her misadventures trying to get through a mundane day--getting more pot, replacing the cupcakes, paying her electric bill, going to an audition--while completely stoned out of her mind. It's funnier than "Harold and Kumar," without all the juvenile "boy humor" those movies coast by on. It features a great comedic supporting cast, too.
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