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Drama | Crime
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23.976 fps
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99 min
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4.7 / 10 
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Directors: Herschell Gordon Lewis [Director] ,

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A backwoods Bible-quoting Foghorn Leghorn-ish con man who believes in free love and moon-shining runs into trouble with the locals when a series of gruesome religious murders are committed: a new bride is raped off-screen, a woman is stoned and two others are crucified.


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This film will revolt you

I was looking at the credits of the director Herschell Gordon Lewis and this film seems typical of the product he put out. I certainly hope some of his films attained the exalted level of mediocrity.

Ghastly is all I can say, throw open the windows folks if you happen to air this one at home. The acting is grade school level the direction non-existent and it looks like it was shot with my father's old home movie camera.

The protagonist is Jim Jones like reverend Jeffrey Allen who has a church where moonshine is a sacrament. Some narrow minded townspeople and that scourge the Yankees inflicted on the south, revenuers want to put him out of business. Some dead bodies start turning up, but everybody is having one swinging time at services.

Sadly enough this was the farewell film for Tim Holt who with the other actor playing one of those revenuers dressed as they were in those black suits looked either like Mormon missionaries or they worked for the same agency that employed Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. Holt looks like he's passing a kidney stone.

The film was shot in Oklahoma and Holt had settled there in his last years. What a sad come down for a man who did some very good B westerns for RKO back in the day and who also appeared in some truly classic films like Stagecoach, The Magnificent Ambersons, The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre, etc.

If you're a fan of Tim Holt and remember him from the classic studio era in Hollywood avoid This Stuff'll Kill You like the plague. All others do likewise.
A redneck con artist (Jeffrey Allen) sets himself up as a preacher in asmall Deep South town to run his moonshine distillery and clashes witha number of locals and a federal agent bent on shutting his operationdown.

Although H. G. Lewis is known for his gore films, he also made some"southern" films and some "moonshine" films. This one is not gore, butit is certainly the other two. And it combined alcohol and religion ina very strange way... this cult seems more interested in drinking the"blood of Christ" than worshiping God.

This is definitely not the worst film Lewis ever made, but it is farfrom the best. Apparently he had access to a spare room in a radiostation in Oklahoma and filmed most of this picture in there. Thewriting is good, the acting is actually decent, but it still fallsflat. Outside of Lewis fans or those who want to see Larry Drake in hisdebut role, I am not sure exactly what the appeal might be.
This is a lesser Herschell Gordon Lewis picture that just isn't as muchfun as his more celebrated features. It's a rednecks 'n' boozeexploitation drama about a con artist named Roscoe Boone (Jeffrey Allenof "Two Thousand Maniacs!"), who fronts as a flamboyant preacher. Heand his congregation actually take their liquor more seriously thantheir faith. The Feds (led by a glum looking Tim Holt of "The Treasureof the Sierra Madre", in his final feature film appearance) mean toshut his operation down, but he's not the kind of man to go downquietly. Meanwhile, in a minor plot thread, a few citizens are bloodilymurdered (one by stoning, two by crucifixion).

This viewer would admit that he more readily enjoys the gore flicks ofMr. HGL. At least they have a better pace, and a more gloriousgo-for-broke attitude, as crude as they may be. This one simply goes onmuch too long, with too many scenes that drag. Allen gives it 100% asthe loud talking Boone, but after a while the character loses a greatdeal of his charm. Even the killings are pretty restrained, compared towhat we saw in the "Blood Trilogy". The main exception is thehilariously grisly denouement. The bad sound quality doesn't help any;coupled with the accents, it renders a fair bit of dialogueunintelligible. Fortunately, HGL composed a few songs for the occasionthat are pretty catchy, especially "One More Swig of Moonshine".

It's a little dispiriting to see Mr. Holt having closed out his careerlike this, but the other performers do like they're having a good time.Giving "This Stuff'll Kill Ya!" great curiosity value is the presenceof future Hollywood character actor Larry Drake, making his film debutas stuttering rube Bubba. Longtime HGL associate Ray Sager doesn't havea lot to do as the character Grady.

This is not something that this viewer would readily recommend, unlessone is a real HGL completist.

Five out of 10.
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