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Fantasy | Thriller
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24.000 FPS
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100 min
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3.5 / 10 
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Directors: Paul Wilkins [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Tom, a married man with kids, is struggling at work when a client tries to seduce him with promises of a 'more exciting life'. On his way home one night he gets attacked by a gang of hoodies and falls into a parallel world where he lives 5 other lives including a Rock-Star, a Homeless person and the 'hoody' that attacked him. These lives help him to re-evaluate his priorities and values but in order to get home he must face some of his deepest desires and fears. Will he make it home or is the grass greener on the other side?


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I had heard that this was awful, but nothing could prepare me for whatI was about to view. I thought at least it could be "So bad it's good"but alas, no, it's "So bad it's bad" It just seems that part-waythrough the production they either gave up or didn't know where to takeit. The story was peppered with plot holes and an abundance of terribleacting apart from performances from Tom Goodman-Hill, Martin Compstonand Craig Conway.

I'm not going to ramble on about this film as I think I've wasted toomuch time on it already.

Avoid at all costs!!!
Watched this film last night on love film Not a film to get excitedabout but worth a watch Seeing this a Danny dyer film straight to DVDlike most he produces these days was big fan of his early films humantraffic football factory etc and few Recents malice in wounderland Iliked pretty much everything else he's done toilet So back to this onefor a low budget b movie weren't bad Acting thought was good from eachcharacter plot was hard to understand he gets head kicked in changesfrom the attacked to attacker then from that body to a tramp and so onbut never really answered any thing I found entertaining deffo till endbut was no classic different role for Mr dyer yes but he a one trickpony who's never going to win many races
I watched this movie yesterday. Not a bad movie at all.

After the first 10 minutes or so, it catches your attention. In fact,you'll be asking yourself 'what is going on?' throughout most of themovie. It is a little confusing, perhaps watching it a second or athird time would answer a few questions. But I think (and most viewerstoo) I won't spend more time with, it is worth watching once, not more.

Different characters repeat the same phrases in different occasions, Icouldn't help but compare this to 'Cloud Atlas', only in a different(much lower) level. Perhaps this adds some interest to the story, Ithink this makes it a little more confusing. See for yourself.

Overall, '7 Lives' is not a masterpiece, far from it, but it iswatchable - if you have 99 minutes to spend.
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