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7.6 / 10 
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Directors: David Yates [Director] ,

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Holding a mysterious leather suitcase in his hand, Newt Scamander, a young activist wizard from England, visits New York while he is on his way to Arizona. Inside his expanding suitcase hides a wide array of diverse, magical creatures that exist among us, ranging from tiny, twig-like ones, to majestic and humongous ones. It is the middle of the 20s and times are troubled since the already fragile equilibrium of secrecy between the unseen world of wizards and the ordinary or "No-Maj" people that the MACUSA Congress struggles to maintain, is at risk of being unsettled. In the meantime, the voices against wizardry keep growing with daily protests led by Mary Lou Barebone and fuelled by the increasing disasters ascribed to a dark wizard, Gellert Grindelwald. At the same time, by a twist of fate, Newt's precious suitcase will be switched with the identical one of an aspiring No-Maj baker, Jacob Kowalski, while demoted Auror, Tina Goldstein, arrests Newt for being an unregistered wizard. To...


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Spoiler Free

J.K. Rowling should stick to writing novels. This whole affair isnothing but a huge money grab. This latest entry is a hollow shelldevoid of any spirit and magic of the Potter world. In short, onefantastic yawn fest.

WB and co., you must be laughing all the way to the bank. This film isjust one long 2 hour trailer. Personally, I found watching the trailermore interesting and best of all, it was free .

What made the Potter films endearing was the character development withthe magic and CG as the supporting cast. You cared about the charactersand were eager yet anxious about their journey in a magical world. It'sthe other way around in Beasts. After the first half, I couldn't waitto get away. I just hate it when I feel there was no sincere effort putforth. Yes, the wrapping looked nice but when I opened the box, I feltduped. As if on some amusement ride, the whole film was on rails andalong the way, there would be occasional things that would pop up.

Don't be fooled by the current IMDb rating and glowing reviews bothwhich are no doubt artificially inflated by the legions of Potter fansaround the world. If you are a true fan then you should demand morethan an illusion of what could have been. What a complete waste of theexcellent cast who you could tell were just going through the motionsbut I blame it on the poor writing. Rowling must have written the wholething during her 15 minute coffee break.

You know there's something amiss when some of the minor characterssteal most of the spotlight or garner the most laughs- think Ice Ageand that squirrel or Despicable Me and those minions. I wonder how thisseries can possibly be extended to 5 parts. The main problem is thefilm is now stuck with an unlikable cast moving forward.

WB and Rowling must take the fans to be fools or worse, they cast somedark magic that blinds them to donate money to this sorry excuse for afilm. If you notice all the reviews on here, you can tell the film isquite polarizing. Most are either 10's or 1's. The fans vs everyoneelse not possessed by magic.

Resist the dark magic. Times are tough and your hard earned cash betterspent elsewhere that is more deserving. Take it from me, a duped StarWars fan- all the red flags are there. This film, this road. I knowwhere it leads. And it's not to the promised land. If fantastic beastsis what you seek then this film is not where to find them.
It is unbelievable that JK Rowling's name is even attached to thisfilm.

The discipline and thought that went into the Harry Potter charactersand story certainly wasn't applied to this catastrophe, which, like theHobbit and so many other Hollywood regurgitation(s), merely seeksmassive profits by piggybacking on a successful franchise while beingutterly devoid of substance.

It isn't even worth going into detail. There is only one truly likablecharacter, though you can't relate to ANY character as we knowabsolutely nothing about them, nor do they have any developedrelationships with each other.

The entire script is built around the magical creatures doing damage toNYC, again, a ridiculous premise, as the damage is massive and there isno backlash. The complicated boundaries between the magical andnon-magical worlds and people, so well laid out in HP, are completelyabsent. The most ridiculous example of idiotic, careless detail is thatfor most of the scenes on the streets of NYC, it is practically a ghosttown, whereas in reality, NYC in the 1920s was nearly as denselypopulated as it is now. Perhaps more so, not worth it to fact checkthis.

And Eddie Redmayne as the lead was totally inaccessible, not engagingand half of his speech literally unintelligible. Fully one third intothe movie it is finally established that he, the lead character, iscloser to magical creatures than humans, but by then, not only do wenot care about him or like him, but really the script gives him not ONEreal relationship wherein to show forth his character. Who is he? Wheredoes he come from? We don't know. Anyway, a horrible choice for a leadcharacter, someone who has no emotional connection to any characters.Even his relations to the animals is explored surface level, there isno one relationship with anyone or anything that develops throughoutthe story and makes the audience care about the character. Onlysuperficial plot-related details are given and there is no emotional orhuman life at all.

This is the same way all the characters, every single one, is treated.They are merely 2 dimensional props, there to perpetuate a plot that ismostly centered around special effects and hubris action, magicalcreatures rampaging here and there, and, as I said, unrealistically,going on undetected.

Literally, not one shining point to this film. Another disgrace tostorytelling, devoid of all substance and creativity, pumped out of theWarner Bros fecal-making factory. Utterly disappointed.

2 hours of waiting for something to happen

I admit, I am not one of those folks who call themselves Harry Potter Fans. However thought I would give this one a try. thought it would be a perfect way for me and my family to spend a cold afternoon...

I felt this was was 2 hours of waiting for something to happen. I get there are usually slow starts with most trilogies as the characters and story line are provided to the audience. However for me felt the movie was extremely slow and sorry, seeing new magical beasts is not very exciting. They did that with avatar a decade ago. My boys ages 8 and 10 had trouble as well engaging in the movie. Both gave it a thumbs down when we were leaving.
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