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Action | Adventure
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88 min
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4.3 / 10 
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Directors: Terry Ingram [Director] ,

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ODYSSEUS, The Warrior King, has been away from Ithaca for twenty years. The first ten he spent fighting the Trojan War; the last ten he spent fighting to get home. Among his adventures is the tale Homer felt was too horrific to tell; the missing book of The Odyssey known as... THE ISLE OF THE MISTS.


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Truth be told, then I had no particular expectations to this movie. AndI will say that the movie is entertaining enough, but it could havebeen better.

The story is a fairly common one; Odysseus sailing for Ithica andfinding the Isle of Mist along the way. Yadda, yadda, yadda... Fairlyaverage storyline with nothing overly impressive or new here.

As a movie of this type, trying to tell an epic tale of ancienthistory, the movie doesn't really manage to punch through and make alasting mark or statement. It sort of never rises beyond mediocrity,which was a shame.

The effects in the movie were adequate, well most of them at least. Thecreatures were hilariously fake to look at. They looked like horriblyfake rendered CGI rejects. Had the special effects team worked harderon this, the movie could have been more enjoyable. It is sort ofdifficult to take something serious when it looks like something thatcame out of an early 1990's PC game, back when 3D graphics were stillan eyesore.

I will say that the props and wardrobe people actually did a great jobin the movie, because the costumes and garments were really nice tolook at; great details and it did seem valid enough.

Acting-wise, then the movie wasn't all that noticeable. Perhaps becausethe characters were fairly mundane and generic, not really displayingmuch personality of difference from one another. It should be said thatArnold Vosloo (playing Odyesseus), Randal Edwards (playing Homer) andStefanie von Pfetten (playing Persephone) were actually doing theirpart to carry the movie nicely.

If you enjoy classic tales of this genre, then there are other moviesthat deal with the same tale and subject that does it better than thisone. I am sure that if you are a hardcore fan of ancient history andlegends, then you will find some enjoyment and amusement in this movie.For us who just want to watch it for the entertainment of a movie, then"Odyesseus & the Isle of Mists" turns out to be fairly mediocre and itis not the type of movie that is likely to be on the watch-list asecond time around.
Actually I was using a bit of hyperbole, it wasn't as atrocious as Imade it out to be in the summary, but to be honest it is still prettybad. Some of the scenery and costumes are decent, some of the monstersare interesting and Arnold Vosloo is imposing and charismatic enough asOdysseus. However, the story is hackneyed and is very uneven in pace,the dialogue is a vast majority of the time absolutely abysmal, thedirection is heartless, the pace is poor and the acting with exceptionof Vosloo is laughable particularly with Homer and the goddesses. Whilethe ending comes across as rather cheesy. To conclude, pretty bad butthere are some minor redeeming qualities. 3/10 Bethany Cox

Entertainment Value and not much else

I really wanted to like this film. I truly did. The cast seemed excellent (although the inclusion of "Homer" should have told me all I needed to know about the script). Sadly, the best looking men on screen could not save this one.

The language is always a problem, and I realize that it is hard to decide between going for pure period speech or making it all modern. I prefer the former with some latitude for comprehensibility, but too many writers today don't even realize how people spoke in times past, so the occasional slip into a modern cliché is just glaring.

So as long as you don't pay any money for it and put your brain in neutral you'll get through it fine. Chant the mantra: entertainment value.
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