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Film-Noir | Thriller
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6.7 / 10 
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Directors: Paul Wendkos [Director] ,

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Dan Duryea and his cronies rob a fake spiritualist and then take it on the lam to Atlantic City.


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heavy psychological noir starring Dan Duryea

From 1957, "The Burglar" is a psychological noir starring Dan Duryea, Jayne Mansfield, Martha Vickers, Mickey Shaughnessy, Phoebe McKay, Peter Capell.

The beginning of the film is action-oriented, with Gladden (Mansfield) appearing at the door of a famous medium, Sister Sara and being invited in for lunch. She's there to case the joint aor her guardian Nat (Duryea) and find where Sister stores her gorgeous sapphire necklace.

The crew, led by Nat (Duryea) has fifteen minutes, during which time Sister watches a news show, to rob her bedroom safe. Nat does it, but not before the police see him and his car.

Tensions mount immediately. Nat thinks the best thing to do is wait for things to "cool down." Baylock (Capell) is hyper to get out as fast as possible, and Dohmer (Shaughnessy) keeps leering at Gladden until finally, Nat has to send her to Atlantic City.

However, it's not just the police after the necklace, and soon real problems develop.

Paul Wendkos directed this - it was his first feature, and his editing and camera technique attracted immediate attention and won him a contract at Columbia.

Dark and depressing, "The Burglar" focuses on Nat's psychological issues stemming from his love and loyalty to a man who took him in - Gladden's father - and his promise to take care of her. It's heavy going.

The film is very well done, even if it's not the most exciting thing you'll ever see. Dan Duryea gives a wonderful performance as a man with a conscience. Mansfield is deglamorized as the young Gladden. Though she's obviously beautiful and has a great figure, she appears to wear very little makeup and does not push her sex appeal.

Very Hitchcockian ending.

What do we call it? A victim.

Watching old movies makes painfully obvious the extreme efforts film makers have been making for decades to demonize police and normalize criminal behaviour.

It started with crime dramas, but then our heros morphed from P.I.s, police & reporters to outlaws, vagrants, & thieves.

This movie is truly awful.

For a movie about crime...this is amazingly dull.

"The Burglar" is a film that sat on the shelf for two years before they released it. This is an indication that the film was poor and the studio had no faith in it. So why did they finally release it? Most likely because in the interim....the co-star, Jayne Mansfield, hit it big...and that made the film more marketable. Take a look at Mansfield in the picture...she is a much plainer and less platinum lady in "The Burglar" as her nw familiar image hadn't yet been created.

The story is a noir thriller...with essentially no thrills. While you'd normally think a lot of energy and time in the movie would be about the burglarly, it wasn't. The crime seems too easy...almost anticlimactic. Instead, the film is about what happens after...and most of it is incredibly dull. Perhaps realistic at times...but dull.

You would think with the plot and cast the film would have had a lot of exciting moments...well, this isn't so. Sadly....not so.
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