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Drama | War
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Directors: Delmer Daves [Director] ,

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Race, love, and war. The Allies have landed in France, set up in a coastal town, where Lt. Sam Loggins, a serious guy from Manhattan's west side, falls hard for Monique Blair, an American raised in France. Loggins' sergeant, Britt Harris, a playboy from Jersey, also finds Monique attractive. She chooses one to love and the other to befriend after disclosing her parents' history and why she lives in France. The men say it makes no difference, a wedding is announced, and the soldiers face a dangerous mission behind enemy lines. But is everyone being truthful?


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Dated script, but good acting

Am I the only one who sees Natalie Wood as an all-American girl? It's ironic, since she was born Natalia Zakharenko, but I never understood why Hollywood cast her in "mixed" roles. Not to dis West Side Story, but I didn't believe for one second she was Puerto Rican. In Kings Go Forth, Natalie plays a French girl who "passes for white". Yes, I could have phrased it differently, but I was just trying to prepare you for the kind of language that's used in the film; there are some very politically incorrect lines of dialogue used by all three leads.

Anyway, if you can get over the fact that Natalie Wood is supposed to be half-black, feel free to read more of the plot. A soldier on leave, Frank Sinatra meets and falls in love with Natalie, unaware of her parentage. They enjoy a very respectful, chaste courtship, and he's even met her mother—but then Natalie tells him her deep, dark secret. Frank isn't happy about it, and says he needs some time to think.

Enter Tony Curtis, Frankie's pal and fellow soldier on leave. He's a notorious womanizer and also an all-around jerk, so when he starts showing interest in Natalie, the audience knows what mistake it will be if she returns his affections. With all the ridiculously dated parts to the story, I'll bring up an unrelated problem I have with the movie: In this love triangle, it's blatantly written out that Tony is the charming, attractive one and Frankie is not. Then why cast Frank Sinatra, the king of cool? If Frank Sinatra was interested in me, I wouldn't look twice at Tony Curtis.

If you really like any of the three leads, you might want to check this out, because despite the horrifically dated script and Natalie Wood's terrible French accent, the acting is pretty good. But if this is the kind of story you'll find offensive, you might want to rent The Sweet Smell of Success or Some Came Running instead.

While this film might have been better with Dorothy Dandridge, it is excellent.

This film is set in Europe during WWII and concerns a couple of American soldiers who fall for the same French girl. However, while the notion of two guys falling in love with the same person isn't particularly novel, how this is handled is.

The movie is narrated, at times, by Frank Sinatra and is told from the viewpoint of his character, Sam. Sam is in charge of a unit of soldier and when they are in France, he falls hard for a gorgeous French lady (Natalie Wood). Unfortunately, this is not reciprocated as although Sam is very nice, she only sees him as a friend. Unfortunately for her, however, she soon falls for Britt (Tony Curtis)...and Britt is a grade-A heel and only is interested in using this sweet girl.

This is a very good film. However, you really wonder how much better it might have been if the studio had been brave and cast the black actress, Dorothy Dandridge in the lead (as they originally intended). I am NOT complaining about Miss Wood's performance...she was EXCELLENT as a French woman. But the idea of having an obvious interracial romance would have made the film much more interesting and brave. As it is, Wood is supposed to be biracial but she really doesn't look it...and the film loses some of its punch. But it's still a good film and well worth your time...just not quite what it could have been. Sinatra is great in the movie, by the way...really, really good. And, Curtis plays an excellent fast- talking heel. Well written and unforgettable.

Pleasing and enjoyable story about love , race and war with a great trio : Sinatra , Wood and Curtis

Loving triangle , hormones and war rage in this sensitive story set against the backdrop of WWII France . The usual premise is the following : Frank loves Natalie who loves Tony ; the plain and simple triangle is interwoven with racism and warfare scenes . The film contains human drama , passion , emotion , tragical events , character description in deep and complemented with a loving triangle and battles . These elements provide the setting for this piece of dramatic deeds , giving it its own special quality and ambient . Toward the end of World War II, two American soldiers 1st Lt. Sam Loggins (Frank Sinatra) and (Cpl. Britt Harris Tony Curtis) fighting in Southern France become romantically involved with a young, American woman called Monique Blair (the role of Monique was originally written with Dorothy Dandridge in mind) . When Sinatra asks for her hand in marriage she refuses because of some secret reasons . She chooses one to love and the other to befriend . Her background will reveal more about them than her . They'd been through the living hell of war , eating dirt , crawling on their guts , but the real was to come when they fell in love with the same girl . As big and brave and bold a love story as has ever been exploded on the screen? . At the end the soldiers take on a dangerous assignment behind enemy lines with unexpected consequences .

This wartime movie picture is an enjoyable tale with an interesting characterizing about a few characters , tragic drama and evocative outdoors from French Riviera , including some war scenes . The film utilizes an oft-used storyline of the war movie genre which has two soldiers in love with the same girl . This stirring as well as intimate story is a passionate retelling and a touching triangular drama . The storyline relies heavily on the continued relationship among them ; in spite of , the movie results to be better than average , being surprisingly good and compellingly realized . Based on a novel by Joe David Brown with thought-provoking screenplay by Merle Miller . Nice acting by trio protagonist , all of them give fine performance along with a fine support cast such as Karl Swenson and special mention of Leora Dana as mummy Blair . Thrilling as well as moving Original Music by the maestro Elmer Bernstein . Atmospheric and adequate Cinematography by Daniel L. Fapp .

The motion picture was professionally directed by Delmer Daves , though not particularly satisfying on either race front or the war . Daves was a good professional , he began as a technical adviser on films with a college background . Soon afterward he entered films as an actor, and after appearing in several pictures he began collaborating on screenplays and original stories. He wrote scripts for many of Hollywood's best films of the 1930s and 1940s, including The Petrified Forest (1936) and Love affair (1939) . Turning director with the classic Destination : Tokio (1943), Daves often wrote and produced his own pictures. Of the many films he made, the westerns he did were especially close to his heart ; as a youth he had spent much time living on reservations with Hopi and Navajo Indians . As he was a Western expert such as proved in ¨The hanging tree¨ , ¨3:10 to Yuma¨, ¨The last wagon¨, Jubal , ¨Drum beat¨, ¨Return of the Texan¨, ¨Cowboy¨ and the notorious ¨Broken arrow¨ .
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