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Drama | Thriller
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5.3 / 10 
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Directors: Anders Morgenthaler [Director] ,

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Maria is a successful businesswoman living in Germany in a happy marriage. However, she has one big problem. She wants to be a mother more than anything, but every time she gets pregnant, she miscarries. When her doctor tells her after her latest miscarriage that she won't be able to get pregnant again, she opts for adoption, but her husband, upset over her condition, refuses the idea and temporary separates from her in order to rethink whether or not he wants to stay in the relationship with her now. She begins to lose her grip on reality when she starts hearing the voice of her unborn child, so she decides to get herself a baby even if she has to buy one. She hears a rumor that prostitutes sometimes sell their unwanted babies on the black market near the German-Czech border, so she meets Petit, a drug-addict who frequents the local prostitutes, and hires him to find her one who's willing to sell her baby for 10 grand. He sees this as a chance to save a child from the hell the ...


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Interesting Premise - Terrible Casting

Perhaps casting 60-year-old Kim Basinger in a film about a woman trying to have a baby was not a great idea. Although the film was well done, that one huge implausible detail overshadows everything else.

A woman isn't complete without a baby

The 11th hour is a movie starring Kim Basinger as a female executive in a European shipping company. After a horrible miscarriage (her 8th in 10 years) which almost kills her, her doctor informs her she has to stop trying as it won't happen.

That could be grounds for an interesting drama of what a woman in those situations deals with. However, this movie goes another route, as Basinger's Maria discovers through work a child prostitution ring in a town he company's shipping routes go through. She then decides the most logical thing to do is to try and buy a baby from the prostitutes.

This movie is off the rails entirely. The acting works, but what they are given is complete drivel. There is no thought put into how she'll execute her plan, other than taking some money.

There are also scenes where an unborn baby is talking to Maria. If this happened only after the miscarriage, it would make sense as Maria coming unhinged, however, it happens from the first scene of the move.

The ending, however, is why I gave this one star. I was ready to give it 3 or 4, but the very end of the movie basically says it doesn't matter what happens to this woman, she got a baby and that makes everything ok. It's downright insulting.

A film not for everyone

Great film. Magnificint acting by the two l ad characters..Kim basinger as Maria, and the character of Christian...both missing something in life,,both gatherd by fate and desperation, This thriller drama of European style... has many levels of meanings..not just the course of action on the has symbolism that's concluded at the very end of the film.... and the message is clear....i enjoyed it a lot...and i wonder why did it receive such a low rate...this film deserves 8 at least for the acting and the message behind it...artistic Well done..recommended
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