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7.8 / 10 
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When Tony Stark tries to jumpstart a dormant peacekeeping program, things go awry and Earth's Mightiest Heroes, including Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, the Incredible Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye, are put to the ultimate test as the fate of the planet hangs in the balance. As the villainous Ultron emerges, it is up to the Avengers to stop him from enacting his terrible plans, and soon uneasy alliances and unexpected action pave the way for a global adventure.


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No one was more disappointed than me

It hurts to rate this so poorly, but it certainly deserves the low marks. There were so many things that ruined this movie for me. 1) The Storytelling - Or lack thereof. There was not a compelling story to be told here. Ultron wants to blow up the world, the Avengers try to stop him. That's all the audience ever really knows about this story and it felt flat and unfulfilling. 2) Plot? - The movie opens with our heroes in the middle of a battle for reasons that are largely unimportant. That pretty much sums up this whole film 3) The Love Interest - Totally underdeveloped. We're basically told by the script writer that these two people are in love, but never are we SHOWN that they're falling in love. It rang completely hollow. 4) The Humor - There were WAY too many jokes in this movie, and that wouldn't have been all that bad if so many of them weren't eye rollers. Many of them left me groaning. 5) Ultron - This guy appears out of nowhere and is woefully underdeveloped. Plus, he's supposed to be some kind of AI but he's constantly cracking off stupid one-liners and making facial expressions that I thought were inconsistent with what and who he was supposed to be. 6) Character Overload - There were WAY too many characters to do any of them any justice. I would have liked the film to focus on a smaller group of characters and their relationships with one another, instead, we got a who's who of the entire Marvel universe leaving a lot to be desired. I could go on, but my heart is still aching and I don't want to talk about it anymore. I see that a lot of people liked it and I'm happy that they did. I only wish it hadn't been such a colossal disappointment for me.

Remember the amazing teaser trailer? Expect the opposite.

There's no one word that can some up this movie. I won't use 'eh' because that's a bit too vague, and I think it's a bit better than that. But things like 'good' or 'amazing' are too crazy to use. Welcome to my review. Age of Ultron opens to a fine start -in fact, an amazing start- with a fresh, intense, action-packed sequence. The Avengers are introduced for the sequel, and so are two new characters: Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. These ended up being my favourite (Yes, I'm spelling it right. I'm not American, y'know) characters in this movie. Unfortunately, they get tossed a side a bit. Considering they're new characters, and considering one is in an upcoming movie and the other dies, they should have gotten more development. I adored Scarlet Witch and her powers, at least in the parts that she's ACTUALLY IN. After the opening, everything goes downhill, at least SLIGHTLY. Ultron's introduction is quite terrible. Can anyone explain to me how this invisible force can suddenly SPEAK inside a whole load of technological material? I don't know... It just felt pretty dumb to me. If this was how it was in the comics, then I suppose I can't really complain much. But I guess I could say that it doesn't translate to screen very well. After that, the movie becomes kind of dull. I kept twitching in my seat various different times. If I can say one thing, it's that the action sequences were fantastic, and they're the only things that hold this movie up. Ultron was nothing like he was in the teaser trailer that got me hyped, nor was the movie. I wanted a dark, gritty, intense, heart-breaking, half-horror movie! The advertising for this movie is false, almost to the point where I could sue. Remember Scarlet's gut-wrenching scream, or maybe Ultron saying "There's no strings on me" in the teaser trailer? Well guess what? Nowhere to be found. But there's one last thing that makes me feel at least a bit satisfied with the movie, and that was the last act. When Ultron's plans were finally revealed, everything turned amazing. The CGI effects were absolutely incredible, and there are shots in the trailers that would reveal his plan if they were extended by a few seconds, so keep an eye out... By the end of this review, I can finally figure out one word to sum this up. 'Overrated.' You can mark this review as unhelpful, but I don't care. It's my opinion. This movie is definitely NOT a must see, but I guess it is for any fans of the comics. Just be prepared for a completely different film to the film marketed in the trailers.. Thank you for reading, and I know that at least somebody will agree with me. EDIT: So I was sippy sipping on my mug of tea and I almost spat it out all over my screen. This movie is rated 7.9. I have now changed my 6/10 rating to 1/10 simply to try and lower the rating to what it deserves. Before you Marvel nerds attack me, I am doing this because this movie is average at most. You are crazy if you rate it higher than 6. Goodbye.

Grossly underwhelming (spoiler free)

Spoiler free review. Let me first start of by saying that I am not a Marvel ''fanboy'' or a DC nerd. The comic book genre of films have made it to my personal top 3 favourite genres in the last decade and the MCU has been a strong contributor to that rise. I hold the first Ironman, first Avengers and Captain America 1+2 in high regard. I did not like the direction they took with Iron Man 3 (more on this below) or Guardians of the Galaxy but Winter Soldier was a gem in terms of balancing solid action, drama and levity. That being said, my initial thoughts on Age of Ultron (AoU) are quite negative. To me, its essentially a carbon copy of IM3. There are problems which strike you repeatedly as you progress throughout the film. The 2 biggest complaints I have with AoU is 1) the tone (comedy) 2) the script/writing. So starting with the tone. I like to laugh as I'm sure most people do, but there is a time and place to exhibit your comedy writing skills in an action film. In AoU, its a constant, recurring and predictable theme. It's not limited to one character either, everyone is popping one liner jokes as if its the Expendables and yes, most are not funny. The timing of these moments of levity are horrible too, desensitising the viewer to any impending fear of death in battle. If the characters seem so relaxed in not worrying about possibly dying, then what suspense is needed to be held by the audience? This plagued IM3 in a bad way and its arguably worse here. The comic book films which achieved great success in this regard were XMen DOFP, The Avengers 1, Cap 2 even Dark Knight Rises! Can you imagine at the climax of Xmen DOFP if old Magneto and Storm and Bishop start pulling one liner jokes as the army of sentinels came charging at them? It would kill any tension! 2) The script. I won't say too much since this is a spoiler free review, but it really feels rushed and unorganised. I watched Fast 7 around 2 weeks before AoU and I got similar vibes. Again, its not the fact that the film is 2.5 hours long or has too many characters, that isn't am excuse since The Dark Knight and Xmen DOFP shows how to navigate these theatrical obstacles. There are a few completely unnecessary subplots in AoU and useless characters which do not impact the story overall. The villain himself, Ultron is another massive let-down in Marvels already growing catalogue of mishandled villains. So as a summary, if you want mindless action and cool CGI, which this film does offer in the form of some spectacular visual fight scenes then you will like AoU. If you are after a darker, grounded and more moving story like the trailers promised, you will be severely disappointed. Final score 6/10 and I am being kind since Cap is my fav Avenger and they finally gave him some good screen time.
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