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Action | Crime
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78 min
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5.5 / 10 
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O and Rico may have different mothers but the blood of their father, Raqmaan, a hustler, runs deep in their veins and creates a bond between them that is unbreakable. When one of their associates thinks he's been double crossed by them and becomes a FBI informant the brothers must decide between abiding by the code of the streets or trying to save themselves.


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Blood first, Business second, Friends third

Not particularly impressive independent hood flick with lacklustre talent in front of and behind the camera.

First of all the movie the movie is about 2 brothers (Rico and O, poor O didn't even get a full name given to him just a letter) jumps from 3 different time-periods back and forth and it get quite confusing at times.

Not so much because the story is complex but because the characters that play the brothers in the different time periods look absolutely nothing alike, nor do they appear to be the same person in terms of gestures or anything.

And the person that plays O at like 12 looks like he's about 7 which is confusing because the person that played him at age 7 looked the exact same age! Just nothing alike in other aspects, meanwhile Rico at age 17 looks like he's 23 but there's only a 5 year gap between the 2 characters, yet at that period he looks old enough to be his father so yeah that was incredibly poor casting choices there.

Maybe the directors just gave roles to family members and friends based on age and not talent, who knows, either way it just doesn't work.

The script is not that much better though, they throw in a couple cheesy overdone gangster wisdom lines here and there but they just fall flat because of the delivery and the structure of the sentence like "once you know there's a rat in your house, there's probably more that you just haven't seen yet".

Story is just the typical gangsta story we seen a thousand times before just most times a lot better.

And characters with questionable loyalties and ethics that simply doesn't make sense half the time.

Meh, give it a pass.
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