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Horror | Mystery
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23.976 fps
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72 min
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4.8 / 10 
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Sean, Kerry and Beth are three strangers whose only common goal is to work out exactly why they have been isolated in a mysterious woodland, beside a shallow grave. With no memory of how they got there and increasing levels of paranoia, the trio become entwined in a nightmarish experience which will ultimately lead to a terrifying sacrifice. But who or what is behind it all and do the answers lie closer to home than they think?


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Till Sunset

This is a low budget, experimental film. Remember that saying if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys? That isn't always true, but the scriptwriter and the individual who came up with the plot - if plot it can be called - need to hone their talents considerably before they tackle their next project, that is assuming they have any talents. And assuming they really are the same person because it is difficult to credit that one individual could have come up with something so disjointed.

Three people stuck in the woods, apparently talking to ghosts and ghosts whispering to them; the male of the group appears to be engaging in a conversation with his dead brother. There are many flashbacks which suggest this could be some sort of bizarre experiment, or perhaps they are escaped lunatics, the latter is more convincing on account of the hospital staff, as in booby hatch rather than A&E. Assuming that is true, what is it all about? Go figure, or better still, watch something comprehensible instead.
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