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When the newly-christened starship Enterprise's shakedown cruise goes poorly, Captain Kirk and crew put it into Spacedock for repairs. But an urgent mission interrupts their Earth-bound shore leave. A renegade Vulcan named Sybok has taken several ambassadors hostage on the planet Nimbus III, an event which also attracts the attention of a Klingon captain who wants to make a name for himself. Sybok's ragtag army captures the Enterprise and takes it on a journey to the center of the galaxy in search of the Supreme Being.


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Extremely Underrated

I cannot understand how is it possible for people who call themselves Star Trek fans, not to like this film. Even more I can't understand how is it possible for the previous movie to have better ratings.

The voyage home could have been any other light movie for people who don't like to think what they've just seen... Not for Star Trek fans. The final frontier movie was about all the stuff that made TOS so special. I know it's not Free Willy but if it was I would rate it with a 7 not a 9. As I did with Star Trek IV which was just an enjoyable movie.

Star Trek was always about the story. A story that would give you a glimpse to a possible future and make you think about philosophical matters such as life, friendship, god, racism and others.

If this is why you watch Star Trek I believe you will enjoy this film.

Captain Kirk vs. God

The fifth Star Trek film, The Final Frontier is often considered the worst Star Trek film. It is a film bogged by a underdeveloped script, poor special effects and the ego of its director, William Shatner.

After the events of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home the crew of the Enterprise is on shore level as Scottie (James Doohan) tries to make new Enterprise functional. But the Enterprise are called into action when a rogue Vulcan Sybok (Laurence Luckinbill) takes hostages on the planet Nimbus III from the Federation and Klingon and Romulan empires with Sybok believing he has found the origin of creation.

After Star Trek IV was made Paramount was contractually obligated to let Shatner to direct the fifth Trek film and give him script approval him, leaving us a film of Captain Kirk battling God. There are decent ideas in the film, particularly that all cultures have some brief that there is a God, or a creator some sort and how would religion function in a intergalactic world? But it is was the script that was underdeveloped and many of these ideas were not fully explored. Also the whole theme about God goes against what Star Trek has been about, especially with the outright mention of God.

The other little idea that was that Sybok could take away the personal pain of people , despite the fact that it our experiences that make us who we are.

But there are holes in the script. The first is if the Enterprise is in such bad condition why would Starfleet send the Enterprise, just send the crew to another ship and wouldn't Spock have to tell his commanding officers of the conflict of interest.

The Final Frontier has numerous problems. For a film with the serious subject matter this is a film that suffers from poor comedy that pads the film like the infamous 'Row Row Row Your Boat" singing scene. There is also the infamous fan dance which raises two questions: first if this was plan A to distract the guards what the hell was plan B? Second who would want to see a woman in her mid-fifties dance half naked? This also leads to the problem that many of the cast members looked too old for their roles, with Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner developing big bellies and not fit enough.

The special effects looked like they had a massive step back, looking really cheap and substandard. The movements were more jerky, the lighting effects looking poor, terrible green screen and the film is even more dated then the previous entries in the series.

One good attitude in the films favour is the excellent score provide by Jerry Goldsmith, a better score then the films deserves.

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier is a wasted opportunity which did not fulfil the potential.
What constitutes a true Trek fan? If you're wearing a pair of plasticSpock ears and waving a tricorder at the screen, you may go to the headof the class. If you can tell me Khan's full name... ooh you're good.(Hint: it's not "Khaaaaaaaaaan") and if you know all the words to"Heading Out to Eden" then you're gold.

The rest of you may read along anyway.

Star Trek V is without a doubt the most hated of all the trek filmsbecause it's light on action, even lighter on special effects, andthere is no real bad guy. But think back, so were the great episodes"I, Mudd", "The Trouble with Tribbles", "A Piece of the Action" and"The Empath". In the tradition of the original series, this 5thinstallment of the Trek films is a timely pause for reflection. It'sthe most human of all the Treks, the most humorous, and for my moneyit's the most poetic.

I'll put it this way: the plot of the film doesn't emerge until nearly45 minutes into it. Rightfully so; this isn't a plot-driven film. It'sa film about friends, personalities and what makes us who we are. Itjust happens to be set in space with a bunch of aliens & such. But ifyou're a true Trek fan, you'll remember that that's exactly how theoriginal series often was. Episodes like "The Deadly Years" or "All OurYesterdays" were not so much about plot as they were about thecharacters Kirk, Spock & McCoy and the complexities of theirinteraction.

In Trek V we see the good old Spock-McCoy bickering. We see the dynamicbetween Kirk's fiery emotion and Spock's stoic coolness. And above all,we are reminded that these 3 are best friends through thick & thin. No,it may not be quite the heart-pounding scifi shootout that Trek II was,but that was never its intent. I take my hat off to William Shatner forhaving the integrity to take us back to the original Trek days, even atthe risk of boring a new generation of fans. Tell me, what scifi flickhas the balls to give us a campfire scene with the three maincharacters singing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat"? ...Twice! And just aquick word about the directing, visuals and cinematography: awesome.Shatner made excellent use of lighting, shadows, perspective and a fewHitchcockian tricks you may recognize. Shatner's directing stylereminds me a lot of the Serbian master Emir Kusturica. It's a shamethat this is Shatner's only major directing effort (not includingdocumentaries & TV shows).

My advice to true Trek fans (and non-true Trek fans who managed to readthis far) is SEE THIS MOVIE. I love all 6 of the Trek films, but thisone really has a special place in my heart. If you're looking for morethan spaceships & laser guns, I think you'll really like it, too.
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