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Cheery Alex Fletcher lives comfortably in Manhattan off the residuals from his 80's pop success and reprising his hits at school reunions, theme parks, and state fairs. But those gigs are declining, so he jumps at the chance to write a song and record it with reigning teen idol Cora Corman. Trouble is, he's good at melodies but needs a lyricist and has less than a week to finish. Enter Sophie Fisher, subbing for a friend who waters Alex's plants; she's a pretty good poet, quick witted, and could do it, if she'd agree. But there's some sort of shadow over her head that Alex may not be able to charm his way past. And what if they do get a song written, what then?


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Sweet and Charming!

Music and Lyrics is actually one of the better rom-coms made in the past decade. It's a little cheesy, but who can't resist the sappiness and charm of the film which works thanks to the two irresistible stars and an excellent soundtrack. As a fan of 80's music, I know a thing or two about washed-up musicians, so I enjoyed the film even more. I'm one of those people who believe in this sort of love, so I was even more interested. Finally, I also love the inside joke this movie makes about modern pop music. Those who like 70's/80's music know what I'm talking about.

Marc Lawrence's film is about a man named Alex Fletcher who is a has-been star of the 80's hit band, POP!. When a young famous musician in the style of Lady Gaga asks him to write a song, he needs to find a lyricist fast. When he learns how talented his plant lady is with words, they become an unexpected pair with an unexpected romance.

This film really works because of Hugh Grant's charm and Drew Barrymore's sweetness. I never knew that Grant could sing, but does he ever have a good voice! And as usual, he is good at being funny. Drew Barrymore has always been a respectable actress and that continues her as the flawed plant girl who is afraid to stand up for herself. Haley Bennett does a good job portraying the typical modern pop star in the vein of Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift.

Overall, Music and Lyrics is a sweet though unusual rom-com. This film is almost like a musical, and it works big time. The soundtrack is very catchy and honestly the songs sung in the film will be a good addition to my expansive collection of songs on my Ipod. It's well-written, which it should be since a good portion of the plot is based around writing. Now this is the kind of smart rom-com I want to see on Valentine's Day. I rate this film 9/10.

Grant-Barrymore rom-com A-Team

Director/writer Marc Lawrence is kind of a rom-com hack. And that's basically what we have here. The story is weak, but it's the two stars that make this shine.

Alex Fletcher (Hugh Grant) is a has-been singer songwriter. He's living off his former fame, but that's drying up. So he's forced to ghost write for pop princess Cora Corman. Sophie Fisher (Drew Barrymore) is the substitute plant waterer. (really?? that's a job?) She ends up being his lyricist.

It's all very silly and manufactured. But the storyline does allow a few jabs at popular music. Grant and Barrymore are super cute and amiable together. They are amazing rom-com material. Their chemistry is off the charts. They both have great comic timing. They make this premise work.

A Pop of Genius!!!

First of all, I actually give this a 9.5, and I have ALWAYS been a HUGE Hugh Grant fan. He may not be Jack Nicholson, Harrison Ford, Richard Gere, Morgan Freeman or the ever amazing Liam Neeson, or the never disappointing Tom Hanks. But Hugh Grant is the type of actor that makes you feel good, is extremely entertaining not to mention SO easy on the eyes. He's believable in any role he plays and he makes everything feel so effortless and can anyone deny his natural sexy charisma and boy charm with spews out humour in the most seamless way. And dear God if he ever get's rid of that accent to take on an American one, I'll die. His British accent just sets him right off! OK, so that being said about Hugh....he was the perfect pick for this movie. Drew Barrymore whom I also love, I grew up with her, she's in a class all by herself and really cannot be compared to anyone. She has her own charm and genuine spirit that shines in her eyes and her adorable smile and she brings a light and warmth to anything she is in. She's gorgeous, beautiful, confident, adorable, funny and has a sweet voice. No she's not Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, Diane Keaton, Susan Sarrondon or Meryl Streep, and neither does she have to be. All that being said, those two, Hugh and Drew were perfectly matched for this type of movie. You couldn't put anyone else together and come out with a better marriage of two characters. If you put anyone else together the movie would have been a huge disappointment and painful to watch. Those two together make it absolutely worth it, and a very sweet, charming and playful choice that has been on my list of favourites for many years now. PS: If nothing else, even if you don't particularly care for another music business story-line (Be Cool, Glitter, Crossroads, Burleseque,and any other ones I'm forgetting), this movie showcases a hidden talent that Hugh and Drew both possess and that alone is worth it. Those two could sing their A,B,C's and it would still be lovely just like they could both read out the phone book and we'd watch it over and over just because it's Hugh and Drew. Choosing them for Music and Lyrics was definitely genius for such a feel good movie that will have you humming your way back into love and popping your heart at the same time. :)
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