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Biography | Crime
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6.2 / 10 
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Directors: Scott Walker [Director] ,

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Alaskan trooper, Jack Holcombe believes that Robert Hansen is a serial killer who abducts young girls then tortures and sexually assaults them then kills them. But he doesn't have enough evidence to justify a search warrant of Hansen's premises. He knows one of his victims, Cyndy Paulsen somehow survived so he tries to find her and asks her to help him. But when he finds her, she's a junkie and has trust issues. So Holcombe has to try and earn her trust so that she could help him. But Hansen is still doing it.


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Decent movie that only scratches the surface of Hansen's diabolical crime spree

This is a decent movie, which ironically would best be viewed on the big screen given the visually arresting shots of the Alaskan landscape except that it had a very tiny release on the big screen, and has most certainly been seen more on-demand and now through the DVD format. In case a viewer of "The Frozen Ground" is left unsatisfied with the necessary compression of events, composite characters, etc. that are necessary to produce a movie of less than two hours in length, and want to learn more about the Hansen case that inspired the movie one could do worse then read "Fair Game" ( by Bernard DuClos that was recently republished. Reading it as a companion to the movie will help the viewer of "The Frozen Ground" realize the liberties that were inevitably taken to make it suitable for the silver screen as well as understand elements of Hansen's life and killing spree that the picture did not have time to delve into such as more of Hansen's background (which early on indicated a propensity toward crime) and the back story of the whole oil pipeline boom that produced the mafia controlled prostitution/strip bar scene that Hudgen's character is entangled in.

Cage is excellent......

Was concerned Nick Cage would be the Nick Cage of late, but it was a nice surprise as he was absolutely fantastic. He really carried this movie and should be given the credit he deserves. Vanessa Hudgens portrayal was very good knowing her previous films were mostly comedic. She made me believe she was her character. Was hoping not to find out who the killer was until later, but as the movie played out, it suited the arrogance of Hansen. Thought Cusack did an adequate job with the material presented. The score was very dramatic and added to the feeling of the moment. Loved the outdoor wilderness scenes as they were mostly well shot, but the inside shots were framed too tight, but that was the style the cinematographer decided on , so it's a matter of opinion or budget. Overall I liked the movie and would rate this as above average. Well done Nick.

Eerie, Subtle, Affecting: well worth your time

This film hasn't received a lot of press or a wide distribution. Sadly, that's probably due to Nic Cage, which is a shame. First, he's very subdued and focused (there's no wild-man Nicholas Cage in this movie). In fact, he plays a deeply decent, dedicated Alaska State Trooper who becomes convinced that a serial killer (also very well played by a creepy John Cusack) is stalking women in Anchorage. The film downplays the gore, while showing the seedy and soul-crushing underworld where Cusack finds his victims. A very nice bonus is that almost all of the police officers shown in the film are hard-working people who want to catch this killer, but know they have to work within the law to ensure he doesn't escape them in the courts. Vanessa Hudgins turns in a very nice performance as one victim who escaped and was instrumental in identifying the killer. The director does a fine job of capturing the ghostly silences of the frozen north, where so many of the man's victims were buried. All in all, a fine, atmospheric film that is both thrilling and sad. Well worth your time.
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