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Fantasy | Horror
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85 min
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7.4 / 10 
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Directors: David Lynch [Director] ,

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Is it a nightmare or an actual view of a post-apocalyptic world? Set in an industrial town in which giant machines are constantly working, spewing smoke, and making noise that is inescapable, Henry Spencer lives in a building that, like all the others, appears to be abandoned. The lights flicker on and off, he has bowls of water in his dresser drawers, and for his only diversion he watches and listens to the Lady in the Radiator sing about finding happiness in heaven. Henry has a girlfriend, Mary X, who has frequent spastic fits. Mary gives birth to Henry's child, a frightening looking mutant, which leads to the injection of all sorts of sexual imagery into the depressive and chaotic mix.


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Don't believe the hype

I like to think I have an open mind and look at movies or art objectively, which is why I gave Eraserhead a fair go. And I'm happy with horror or any movie going back to the silent era. I have a complete open mind.

Unfortunately I did not enjoy Eraserhead at all and I was happy when it was over. Why so critical of one of David Lynch's acclaimed early work you may rightly ask? Well nothing really happens in it. For most part of the film centres in one room and on two things: the main protagonist and a very unusual looking baby. There is little dialogue, no plot or story or character development.

My imagination was put into overdrive working out the scenes, any metaphors, whether the story took place in the past, future, some parallel universe or the warped mind of the protagonist of the film. Not a lot is given away.

Eraserhead is abstract art in black & white. This may have worked in 1977 but now it feels very dated, not the least bit frightening, way too long and I am afraid boring.

Yep. Henry Spencer Is Having Himself A Very Bad Hair Day

Is Eraserhead weird? Yes, it is.

Is Eraserhead "out there"? Most Definitely.

Does Eraserhead's story even come close to promoting sharp thinking or inspiring bright ideas? Nope, it does not. It numbs and paralyzes any clear, lucid thought like the dull thud of a sledgehammer-blow applied directly to the skull.

If you're seriously looking for a movie that actually induces brain-freeze (without the aid of drugs), then look no further than Eraserhead.

Here's a movie that probably contains more "WTF?" moments than any other mainstream film in existence. But, of course, when it comes to these particular moments, the major problem here is that they just stack up way too high, leaving the viewer quite frustrated, annoyed and often gasping for a breath of honest-to-goodness fresh air after being suffocated (literally) by a non-stop barrage of irritating and nonsensical situations.

The way I look at it, if it's considered hip and cool to be one of the chosen elite who love to gush and heap praise upon Eraserhead, then I can't begin to tell you how much it pleases me to know that I am looked upon as being an outcast and certified square.

Due to a truly terrible sense of storytelling (which starts from out of nowhere and ends in the very same spot), I view Eraserhead as being something of an idiot's jigsaw puzzle where none of the ill-fitting pieces were ever intended to fit together into a coherent and satisfyingly entertaining whole, at all.

I personally place full blame for Eraserhead's countless flaws and irksome short-comings directly on the shoulders of writer/director David Lynch. On top of being a total wiener-head, I think that Lynch is a frickin' pseudo-intellectual snob of the highest order.

To me, Eraserhead was a film that wasn't made by someone who wanted to share any special or meaningful insights with his audience, at all. No. This was a film made by someone who was clearly looking down his long nose at his audience and saying, loud & clear - "Ponder this, you stupid, low-life peasants!"

As far as I'm concerned, the only appealing and noteworthy aspect about Eraserhead was its (sometimes) startling b&w camera-work. But, since this film's story (more often than not) nearly put me off to sleep, it only earns for itself a 3-star rating.

Landmark "Worst Film Ever Made."

It would not be possible for most people to see "Eraserhead" now, thirty-five years after it's release, without the advent of the Internet and thousand-channel cable TV. It had steadily drained from pop culture like the contents of a boil, and only existed in the hidden collections of a very, very few devotees for many years, like the most repugnant fetish porn.

This would be a great loss. "Eraserhead" is the worst film ever made,and as such it provides the baseline for all film - including adhesive tape, pond scum and the stuff on the tile in the shower rooms of abandoned prisons. All filmmakers since 1977 have been liberated and emboldened by the knowledge that nothing they produce can be called "the worst" - not "The Weatherman," not even "Machete."

Mathematically, it proves that the concept of "worst" is finite - that alone is noteworthy.

Just as importantly, it proves that no matter how bad something is, there will always be people that try so hard to be different that they will claim to like it. Once you have come to terms with that kid who had to have a tarantula when everybody else wanted a puppy, you will have come to terms with "Eraserhead."
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