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Jackass 3D follows the same premise as the past movies and the television series. It is a compilation of various pranks, stunts and skits, and has no plot. Some of the stunts that were featured in the movie included tether ball being played with a beehive filled with Africanized bees, a tooth being pulled out with a Lamborghini, using super mighty glue to take off chest hair and much more. The final stunt includes Steve-O being launched in the air while inside a portable toilet (which was achieved by connecting the port-a-potty to bungee cords) filled with excrement.


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more prank fun than movies

Johnny Knoxville and the gang return in this extra footage from Jackass 3D. Honestly, this is more fun than most of their movies. It gets into the behind-the-scenes feel of these idiots trying to prank each other. That's the truly fun stuff which is better than their usual homoerotic electrical stunts. It's the surprises and the stupidity. It's trying to ambush somebody while hiding behind a chain-linked fence. The camel-toe lady is a failed stunt but it's the most hilarious bit. Their failure and the reaction of the passersby are the true gems. "I'm not gay. I'm not crazy either." The flaming gauntlet is actually thrilling because I'm rooting for him to make it. The guys prank some of staff including a couple of girls. This is slightly more fun because we've seen it all with the guys electrocuting their nuts.
With Jackass, most people know what they're getting by now. What I'vealways loved about this series is how simplistically genius it is. Theyseem like a bunch of crazy, drunken idiots, but they actually plan andput a lot of work into each and every stunt. What I like about 3.5 isthat for the first time, they really show you what's going on behindthe scenes. They show you what it's like to be on the set and what goesinto the things they do, with in depth interviews, and behind thescenes footage. They also start to go into a different direction, goingfrom the usual stunts and gross outs to pranks and practical jokes,which are utterly hilarious. This is billed as the direct-to-videoextra scenes movie, but it's actually a lot more and I really enjoyedthis one a lot more than Jackass 3D.

F--- Roger Ebert!

'JACKASS 3.5': Three Stars (Out of Five)

Like 'JACKASS 2.5' before it, this direct to video (and internet) sequel compiles most of the scenes that didn't make it into the theatrical release 'JACKASS 3D'. All of the gang is back including Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Steve-O, Dave England, 'Wee Man', Preston Lacy, Ehren McGhehey and the late Ryan Dunn. The co-creator of 'JACKASS' (with Knoxville and Spike Jonze) Jeff Tremaine (and director of all the other 'JACKASS' films) returns to direct. The film plays more like a collection of deleted scenes and commentary than an actual movie but it's still a lot of fun if you're a fan of the franchise (and more of the usual).

The movie mostly consists of stunts that didn't go off as planned or were less effective than desired (which is the major reason it's not as good as the theatrical release). It also contains interviews with the cast and crew discussing each stunt/scene and what they liked about it as well as what they thought went wrong. It plays out more like an actual documentary than the theatrical 'JACKASS' films (sort of like an extended extra feature from one of the other DVDs. It's still pretty funny though and like I said a lot of fun.

If you've seen the other movies and TV show you obviously don't need a review to tell you what to expect, like I said it's more of the same. There's plenty of vulgar and crude humor as well as a ton of male nudity (definitely not for the homophobic). I've read some rants discussed with how gay these films are (as well as the cast) but it seems like someone who would complain about that sort of thing has got some issues to figure out themselves. Like all 'JACKASS' films it's all done in good taste. It is somewhat emotional to see Ryan Dunn again on film after what happened to him. There's some great scenes of him and Bam bonding that really capture the humanity of both men (in a more rare way than the other films, it seems to me, maybe it just appears that way now though). The film, like all the others, is a great tribute to Dunn but it would be nice to see a collection of all his greatest stunts and scenes (I'm sure one is coming). Anyway the film is worth checking out just for him. F--- Roger Ebert!

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