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5.6 / 10 
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Directors: Wolfgang Petersen [Director] ,

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It is New Year's Eve, and over 2,000 passengers & crew are ringing in the New Year aboard the huge cruise ship 'Poseidon' when it capsizes on the open sea in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean! A small group of survivors find themselves unlikely allies in a battle for their lives. Preferring to test the odds alone, career gambler Dylan Johns ignores captain's orders to wait below for possible rescue and sets out to find his own way to safety. What begins as a solo mission soon draws others, as Dylan is followed by a desperate father searching for his daughter and her fiancée--a young couple who hours before couldn't summon the courage to tell him they were engaged and now face much graver challenges. Along the way they are joined by a single mother and her wise-beyond-his-years son, an anxious stowaway and a despondent fellow passenger who boarded the ship not sure he wanted to live but now knows he doesn't want to die...


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Not bad at all, there have been worse remakes....

Whilst not holding a candle to the far superior original in terms of script, plot and acting, this remake of the classic 1972 'The Poseidon Adventure' is at least watchable which is more than can be said for a lot of the seemingly endless tide of remakes hitting cinemas these days.

The characters (for want of a better word) are a bit thin and cardboard and the plot really is just a long string of reasonably predictable set pieces but at least it entertains. The best bit is the special effects which are absolutely top drawer. For some reason Hollywood can do some really good FX and CGI when it comes to boats and the CGI rendition of the Poseidon itself in the opening scene is incredibly well done.

Top marks also to the Producers for making sure the Poseidon is a proper British flagged Southampton registered ship and not some Americanised tub.

Much like its predecessor though I fully expect this version to become stable Bank Holiday afternoon television filler material for the next twenty years. Just a pity a remake of 'Beyond the Poseidon Adventure' can't be done from this.

A disaster (of a) film!

99 minutes of my life I'll never get back ...

Hey Hollywood ... how 'bout I just bend over next time?

Wow! Where to begin? What a pathetic excuse for a movie! I just read through about 12 of the pages and it's comforting to know I'm not alone in feeling this way.

Though I am worried about the very few who raved about it ??especially the guy (see page 15) who had seen it 3 times and was going back for a 4th ... a 4th!!! Let's see ... 396 minutes of this joker's life given to this movie (that's 6.6 hours to you and me, Russ) not to mention the money. Are you kidding? Did you just receive the gift of sight after a life of blindness? Were you raised by apes in the jungle? Wolves in the forest? Don't have movies on your planet? What could it be?

First of all, why, why, why remake this? Laziness? Apathy? Maybe it was a dare. Whatever you do, DON'T bother to create characters and write a script! What a waste of budget that would be. Please spend it on obviously overdone CGI! What a miserable cast! I honestly didn't care if one single person made it out alive! In fact, I was rooting for Josh Lucas' overdone jaded gambler to bite it every step of the way! Note to Mr. Lucas: Matthew McConaughey called and he wants you to stop trying to be him!

The only character I had one iota of concern for was Valentin (Freddy Rodriguez) who is promptly killed by Richard Dreyfous to save himself ??just moments after having one leg over the railing in an 'I'm-despondent-because-my-lover-left-me' sulk. Wait! Maybe he was just disgusted that Fergie was the musical act of the evening! Come to think of it I might have sought other options myself ...

So, you've got this meager cast of characters who you know only enough of not to like. Kurt Russell's character's daughter is a spoiled brat who immediately let's you know she will not be 'patronized' and had a miserable childhood with a father who was mayor of New York. Pity. Nope. Don't care if she or her fiancé make it ? especially after the straight-from- daytime-soaps scene in the end! "I need you to tell me you love me," he says as he dawdles so long before diving down to go turn off the propellers (they're only hope at this point) that Kurt Russell gets tired of waiting and sacrifices himself! Perhaps it was the bad acting that made him take the plunge. Who knows?

Then there was the kid with the bad haircut and the tendency to wander off. *Sigh* I won't even go there.

Within minutes the ship hits the wave and flips all with absolutely no warning yet the bridge is loaded with the most modern system out there. All we get is a 'did you feel that?' and then confirmation via binoculars that sure enough, death approaches in the form of an unannounced 'rouge wave!' Sound the alarm!

Now we're upside down. The special effects were decent and it was exciting but it's over in seconds. When the dust settles we're left with a ballroom with chandeliers on the floor, bodies and debris everywhere but something's missing ... what could it be ... Oh!!! The Christmas TREE!!! The enormous tree that was conveniently bolted to the ground hanging from the now ceiling which allowed the original cast to climb out is not there!!! Here we go again, Hollywood. For the love of God ? oops! sorry! ? let's not offend anyone! 'We can't have a Christmas tree! Other religions will complain!" I don't care if it was a giant menorah or if they shimmied up Buddhas face! That was a major scene in the original! Tsk! Tsk!

Once out of the ballroom, the start button on the video game is pressed and we march on, obstacle after obstacle to the bottom ? now the top ? of the boat so we can get out and BR rescued. Make a bridge, climb, jump, swing over the pit of fire ... all that was missing were power pellets and warp zones! Every now and then someone dies. Whoopie! Cross another one off. Who had money on someone panicking in the air shaft? You win!

We almost lose haircut boy but to no avail. Jaded gambler guy comes to his rescue ? probably only so he can bag his mother if and when they do make it out of there. Finally we lose Kurt Russell who either drowns or his body rejects his face-lift. Can't really tell. Again, don't care. Never did. One more gone. Check! However, he manages to reverse the engines as he breathes his last, thus subjecting us to the rest for a little while longer.

Not so long story short, they jam the propellers and climb out to fresh air. And wouldn't you know it? Magically there is a lifeboat just floating there! What?!? What?!? Someone must have entered a cheat code! I'm sorry but this can't be serious!! Why not just have another cruise ship just happen by, scoop them up and they can carry on celebrating the new year? Better yet, how about that alien we mentioned earlier swing by in his UFO and take them back to his planet where they can live forever as gods!


Preposterous! Absurd! Ridiculous! Downright laughable!

They fire a flare and within seconds two helicopters appear and we are finally rescued from our personal disaster!

What a waste! Everyone involved should be ashamed! Save your time and money!

Go watch the original!

... the one with 'adventure' in the title for a reason!!
It all starts off so well too. The opening shot of Wolfgang Petersen'sPoseidon is beautiful. A single take that begins beneath the surface ofthe ocean that swings up and out of it as the underside of the shipslices through the waves, before pivoting round the colossal cruiseliner and zeroing in on Josh Lucas running on the deck. With the sunsetting in the distance and the immense size of the vessel itselfcontrasted with the deep blue of the water, this is a visuallyastounding entrance to a movie that is unfortunately very shallowindeed.

A remake of the classic disaster movie The Poseidon Adventure, thistells much the same story with a small group of passengers trying toescape a doomed ocean liner after it capsizes due to a freak wave.Given the beloved status of the original, besting it was going to betricky from the start so how to do it? Bestow the characters with asmuch depth and humanity as possible, arrange it so that you don't wantany of them to die just as the original film did? No. That isn't the21st Century Studio Approach to blockbusters at all, the trick isexplosions! Lots of explosions! And dangerous stunts that happen invery quick succession with no set up whatsoever.

As a result, things happen very quickly. We've hardly got to knowanyone on the ship before the wave strikes and sends their worldtumbling upside down in a hail of glass and debris. Trapped beneath thewaves, there is no debate on the best means of survival but instead abull headed rush to escape as soon as possible and before you know it,barely any time has elapsed before we have our luckless nobodiesdangling from lift shafts, diving through burning oil slicks orscrambling up air vents rapidly filling with water. This could all bevery entertaining if it wasn't so empty and if only they'd eased backon the throttle a little bit, we could have had a much more successfulfilm.

Kurt Russell for instance is wasted. As an ex firefighter and formerMayor of New York with a failed marriage behind him, they could havecrafted the image of a troubled man going through a midlife crisis whofinds himself tested beyond his limits. Instead, the only hints at anycharacterisation are him protesting his daughter's cleavage bearingdress to leave no doubt that theirs is a strained relationship. Thenthere is Richard Dreyfuss (who has finally found a bigger boat), whosecharacter might as well be listed in the credits as "depressed, elderlygay man." Everyone else is just as vacuous and while Josh Lucas iscertainly a charismatic focal point, it cannot make up for the twodimensional stereotypes of Kevin Dillon's gambler Lucky Larry or MikeVogel's performance as Christian, the fiancée of Russell's daughter whomanages to put in perhaps the worst attempt at acting you will see in ablockbuster this year.

It does have a few commendable points though. One death scene involvinga lift shaft, jagged metal spikes and an explosion is an adrenalinepumping crowd pleaser and the aforementioned scramble through theflooding ventilation shaft is really quite tense, the ensemble castsqueezed together in a claustrophobic nightmare as the water bubbles uparound them. Ultimately though, it is not enough to save it. Poseidonmay make for a diverting hour and a half but Hollywood needs to learn avaluable lesson about plotting: bigger explosions and insane stunts arenowhere near as impressive if we don't care about the people involved.The original version made an entire generation terrified of getting ona boat with Ernest Borgnine, this is just laughable.
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