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5.9 / 10 
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Eerie and gory follow-up enhancing the luridness of the set pieces showing the astonishing death scenes

This sequel displays suspense , chills , tension , thrills , and creepy deaths . The The main entertainment resides in watching what next and surprising victim can be dreamt by the state-of-art special effects in 3D . Amusing follow-up and again with horrifying and terrifying murders plenty of blood , gore and guts . The movie exists for only aim of killing its protagonists and all around in scary realistic detail . Death seem to dispatch new weird killing every few minutes of movie , throughout crashing , beheading , stabbing , crushing , etc . It's frightening entertaining though predictable but we have seen the original and previous sequels with similar and interesting premise . Although its predictability is redeemed in part by the charismatic acting of the attractive protagonists and all around . In this latest installment to the horror franchise , Sam (Nicholas D'Agosto) and his office colleagues (Miles Fisher , Ellen Wroe , Jacqueline MacInnes Woood , P.J. Byrne , David Koechner) , his girlfriend Molly (Emma Bell) arrange to getaway an ill-fated bridge , thanks to a premonition Sam got ; but later on , things go wrong , that's why there's no way you can cheat Death. However , when 2 of his friends died in a mysterious way , Sam must use his records from the premonition to save his partners , before death hunts him down.

Entertaining, chilling and thrilling sequel with emphasis on increasing the luridness and again with horrifying killings against the survivors of a suspension-bridge collapse . Eerie chiller with portentous special effects and results to be a nasty piece of work . This sequel to successful first original film by James Wong deals with a young who has a vision about deaths and to be aware which by avoiding it , he and others around , but soon begin dying in bizarre accidents . The premonition of a deadly bridge saves his life and a lucky few , but not from death itself which seeks out those who escaped their fate . Amusement and entertainment lies from attempting to guess which of the ludicrously over-determined potential hazards will deliver the creepy killings .

In this 5o installment of the ¨Final Destination¨ series appears none character repeating from former entries , it displays suspense , tension , thrills, and creepy deaths . The chief excitement lies in seeing what new and astonishing victim can be dreamt by the believable FX . Death seem to dispatch new weird killing every few minutes of movie, throughout crashing, beheading , blowing up , crushing , falling , etc . Here death is a mere computer generator FX , the ultimate gross-out show . It's frightening and entertaining though predictable but we have seen the original with similar and interesting premise . Although its predictability is redeemed in part by the charismatic acting of protagonists and all around . It packs a colorful and appropriate cinematography by Brian Pearson . Thrilling musical score fitting to action and suspense by Brian Tyler . The motion picture written by Eric Heisserer, and based on characters created by Jeffrey Reddick was professionally directed by Steven Quale , though without originally because being similar plot to former outings , it result to be a fresh fodder . The series are the followings : Final destination (2000) by James Wong with Dewon Sawa , Kerr Smith , Ali Larter , II sequel by David R Ellis with A.J. Cook , Michael Lastres , Lynda Boyd, James Kirk , Sarah Carter,Jonathan Cherry, Kevin Connor , III sequel by James Wong with Maria Elizabeth Winstead , Ryan Merryman , Texas Battle, Chelan Simmons , Amanda Crew and The Final Destination IV by David R Ellis with Nick Zano , Haley Webb , Mykelti Williamson and Krista Allen .

Anticipation of death is worse than death itself

Horror franchises typically stumble when they get to Part Fives. Friday the 13th Part V: terrible. Saw V: awful. Halloween 5: appalling. Strangely many of them use 3D as a way of pulling in the punters for gore effects that splatter into three dimensions. Final Destination 5 is nothing new and no exception to this rule despite not being completely awful.

A bunch of cronies on an office retreat survive a suspension bridge collapse after one of the group inexplicably has a premonition (sounds overly familiar) of said disaster. Death doesn't like to be cheated...Tony Todd...ironic accidents...blah're all going to die...yadda by one...blah blah blah blah. It's the same old rehashed plot, recycled dialogue, and overdone deaths that seem to defy logic and physics. As usual there is a last minute twist, which by this point you're just waiting to be revealed and get it finished with, that doesn't quite add up for many reasons, but coherence has hardly been a strong point of the series.

Basically, all this film offers are a few scenes of dread and tension which are all undone by cheap, fake, quick, deflating CGI gore effects. Not once in my life have I ever been horrified by computer-generated blood. Give me some tangible gore by Chris Walas or Tom Savini any day over something half-heatedly cartooned onto the movie in post-production.

This series has been cheating death for 12 years and it's high time that Final Destination reached its final destination.

I would not recommend this to anyone

Just watched the whole movie in 40min. Just a repetition of the first couple of editions. The acting was awful and and the story ... are you kidding me; its got no story or at least a plot which can't be predicted. They have managed to keep the same old pattern of making you wonder for a while how will they die. They keep a variety of options open so that you can think for a while. I you have seen the previous editions you know how it starts and how its gonna end. You know the main characters are going to stay till the end no matter what. Even the loads of hot girls like in the previous editions are missing this edition. "Reviving the franchise" I don't think so; its in the same league as the third and fourth.

All in all its a waste of time even on a DVD.
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