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8.3 / 10 
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Directors: Guy Ritchie [Director] ,

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Turkish and his close friend/accomplice Tommy get pulled into the world of match fixing by the notorious Brick Top. Things get complicated when the boxer they had lined up gets the shit kicked out of him by Pitt, a 'pikey' ( slang for an Irish Gypsy)- who comes into the equation after Turkish, an unlicensed boxing promoter wants to buy a caravan off the Irish Gypsies. They then try to convince Pitt not only to fight for them, but to lose for them too. Whilst all this is going on, a huge diamond heist takes place, and a fistful of motley characters enter the story, including 'Cousin Avi', 'Boris The Blade', 'Franky Four Fingers' and 'Bullet Tooth Tony'. Things go from bad to worse as it all becomes about the money, the guns, and the damned dog!


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My stomach hurts! It literally hurts!

Last year I was working on the IMDb Top 250 list, and I noticed that Snatch was on the list, so I decided to take a look at it. I was in Denmark at that time. I live in Faroe Islands.

I stayed at my uncle's apartment, and he told me that you have to watch some of Guy Ritchie's movies before watching Snatch to get to know his movies better, so I watched Revolver. I was not very keen on it and then I was not looking forward to see Snatch.

While my uncle was not at home, I decided to watch it. I wanted to turn it off after the first second, because I thought it was so weird. I'm 14 years old now, and I knew almost nothing about cinema back then, and I had never seen such a movie like Snatch, and it's style! I thought it would be stupid of me to turn it off after 1 second so I kinda forced myself to watch it. To be honest, I actually loved the weird style after 10 minutes!

The cinematography was great. I had never seen something like that before and the editing was just as great too. There were lots of great characters and the script was excellent. It was funny and clever and it will you make you laugh every single second! This movie is like Pulp Fiction. You can almost quote every line! The acting was totally awesome! Jason Statham, Vinnie Jones and the rest were great, but Brad Pitt totally stole the show!

I was thinking to myself "This movie can't be any better!", but then it got better! Brad Pitt showed up! His accent got me laughing all the time! My stomach hurt, it literally hurt, and I got many bruises on my thighs because I could not stop hitting myself from laughing!

This was one of the few movies that I didn't want to end, so I decided to watch it again the next day and the next day after that.

I have seen a lot of movies in my life, but there are few movies that are better than this one! It's definitely in my top 15 of all time.

It truly deserves a 10/10

You must have already decided to love it before watching...

That's the only way I can explain these rave reviews and 8.2 average. Because if you come into the movie actually looking for a great story with great acting and diverse, interesting characters, well, you won't get it. But if you've decided you like "hip, cool, wise cracking British gangsters" and Guy Ritchie's ADD style of directing before you even sit down, then you'll decide this is just what you thought it would be, and give it a 10.

That's the only way I can fathom how people thought this was a great movie, let alone a good movie. I mean, if you take every cliché ever put into a gangster film and rehash it with tommy gun rapidity, that's the first 15 minutes of Snatch. And it just keeps going, and going. I got so bored with it, I stopped watching. So maybe it's really great in the end? I doubt it...

Subtitles A Must To Really Enjoy This

I would imagine viewers would either really love this movie or be totally turned off. It is presented in a different format for its time (since copied), has very odd and profane characters, accents that are difficult to understand, and tells an unpleasant story with some disgusting scenes. So, why do I enjoy this film, being an old-fashioned so-and-so?

Well, because I usually enjoy "stylish" film-making and dark humor and this has both in abundance. This is almost as stylish as it gets: fascinating visuals, odd camera angles and various tricks, sound effects, etc. Most of the characters in this bizarre crime film have colorful nicknames and most speak in a strong British accent. A gypsy, played by American Brad Pitt, is almost intelligible.

This is why I strongly recommend you use English subtitles while watching this film, at least for the first viewing, or you will totally lost. The DVD offers a feature I've never seen before: the option of using subtitles solely for Pitt's character. The filmmakers knew few people were going to understand Pitt's weird way of speaking. Anyway, I recommend the subtitles for everyone. It makes the film more enjoyable when you know what's going on, especially with the many slang terms used in here that have to be totally foreign to most viewers outside GB.

Since the action changes every two minutes to another scene with other people (Lord of The Rings subsequently did the same), it's had to get lulled to sleep or have your mind wander. Something wacky is going on every few minutes. The attitudes of the criminals are rough: these are low-life people in the underworld: extremely tough people with the toughest being "Bricktop" (Alan Ford) who likes to feed people to the pigs. There are a ton of f-words in here, too.

The disjointed story is not easy to follow and I found I needed several viewings to understand everything that was going on. The characters are so strange, so cartoon-like, that - combined with the unique visuals - it makes it a fascinating film to watch every time. Some of these actors were fairly unknown at the time of this release , at least here in the States, such as Jason Statham ("The Transporter") but we know them know. There is a good mix of young and old actors in here.

This is a guy's movie with the top dozen actors in this film all tough-talking, almost-crude men (plus a funny dog). It's so weird, I'll just end with the cliché that "this is not for all tastes" but if you enjoy dark humor and something totally different, you might want to give it a shot. Just remember to turn on the subtitles.
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