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Action | Sci-Fi
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148 min
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6.7 / 10 
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Directors: Lana Wachowski [Director] ,

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Return to a world of two realities: one, everyday life; the other, what lies behind it. To find out if his reality is a construct, to truly know himself, Mr. Anderson will have to choose to follow the white rabbit once more.


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total chaos

I guess the main reason why I didn't really liked it was the fact that Neo and <Trinity were played by original cast but Morpheus and Smith wasn't. You can try to explain this throughout the movie but then the story became chaos.

On part of the effects it's all great and the fight scene's were stunning too but the further you went into this flick the more it lost it's attraction.

It starts off rather okay with the making of the game but once they do get into the matrix I was lost. And why does every flick has to be over hours? You really have to get a strong story to do so.

So overall, nice to see the fighting scene's again and the classic shots from the original but one you have seen and forgot all about the next day.

Gore 0/5Nudity 0/5Effects 5/5Story 2,5/5Comedy 0/5.

Mister Anderson We Missed You (not really)

THE MATRIX RESURRECTIONS (2021) ** Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Jonathan Groff, Jessica Henwick, Neil Patrick Harris, Jada Pinkett Smith, Priyanka Chopra Jones, Christina Ricci, Lambert Wilson. The Wachowskis return to the sci-fi action franchise reuniting Neo & Trinity (Reeves and Moss in their iconic roles) in a mega meta way that manages to balance reality with surreality in recognizing the fact that life is still not what it seems. While the largesse of visual effects outweighs the heavy handed plot line littered with annoying new characters and not inviting old cast members back (hello Laurence Fishburne & Hugo Weaving) the heart of its protagonists' love story keeps things pointed in spite of the overachieving ass-kicking and wow stunt work.

Come on, it isn't that bad!

Yeah, this to me would probably rank third next to the third "Matrix" film, but I don't get the hate it gets. I agree that the first third is easily the best part. It has some great meta references where they make fun of themselves for the sequel. It was disappointing to not see Lawrence Fishburne and Hugo Weaving again. So, the story is that 60 years have passed and another Matrix has been created. This was caused by a war between the factions of the machines who didn't want to help the humans and those who did.

It actually was interesting to see some good machines (or "sentients") even though it wasn't the best part of the film. I admit that in the first movie, Neo and Trinity's romance wasn't that well established. This gets a recommendation because it really does expand on that idea. Realistically, given how the Earth was still in ruins after the third movie, it makes sense the world would be like this now. Maybe I just associate with not knowing which pill to take. I'm still glad I saw it and I think the good outweighed the bad...but not by THAT much. ***
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