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Action | Comedy
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91 min
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5.6 / 10 
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Directors: Tanya Wexler [Director] ,

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a beautiful actress...

Ms.beckinsale, who may act from a romantic standpoint in ''serendipity'' to a monsterly like behaviour controlled wench in this flick called ''jolt''

its an overwhelming production that has a drive of action that may overwhelm the most squemish of heat seeking action afficionadoes, its on the brink of pure madness though just on the brink. Theres a fast shifting visual presentation that never gives you any rest, the staging of the sets, the fights , the props, and its bold filmatographical moves and techniques are making this a film you should see.

The story is close to what the inexperienced would phrase as an superhero gem, and the kind that the experienced movie goer would say has been made many times before.and that might be right...

but there are something genuine after all, it may be the production quality as well as a well working cast. In the end it clearly opens a possibility for a sequel, and if so the grumpy old man will attend to that too. A recommend.


Kate Beckinsale cranks up the action as Lindy. She has severe anger management issues which gives her incredible strength.

Some experimental contraption from Dr Munchin (Stanley Tucci.) A special vest jolts her to calm down.

All bets are off when a mild mannered goofy accountant called Justin (Jai Courtney) that Lindy dates is killed.

Lindy goes for revenge and finds herself in a conspiracy as two cops are after her.

There is nothing much original here. The twist is easy to figure out. Beckinsale delivers the kick ass action.

Jolt with a volt, or just a bolt ... for the door.

Tanya Wexler has assembled an half-decent cast for this film, but sadly her execution - accompanied by a really poor script - offers us precious little to hold our attention. "Lindy" (Kate Beckinsale) manages to control her frequent bouts of violence by way of a vest that delivers electronic pulses into her body to calm her down. Without said gadget, she is lethal! She falls in love with "Justin" (Jai Courtney) - but when he is killed, she is bent on revenge and carnage ensues. Snag is, though it is quite an innovative concept, the plot has something of the video game about it. The vest serves as her reset button, but also as our's - the story moves on, then stops, goes back, starts again etc. It's cyclical and repetitive and Beckinsale just seems to be trying to resurrect the sort of character she had in the "Underworld" series - in which she was generally much better. There are also a few scenes from an off-form Stanley Tucci as "Dr. Munchin" - who devised her self-control mechanism, but they don't really add much to the general lack of menace or peril on display. It passes the time, this - the production standards are quite decent - but the story just runs out of steam far too early on and I was, frankly, rather bored by the middle let alone the end.
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