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Directors: Rob LaDuca [Director] ,

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After a series of mishaps, Mickey, Minnie and the gang are separated all over the world and must try to get back to Hot Dog Hills by Christmas Eve. A mysterious and jolly stranger shows up to tell them about The Wishing Star, which could be the secret to bringing everybody home in time to celebrate together.


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enjoyed this

Nice to see another family friendly holiday movie that is animated. Too many gone now and not shown for kids- . It was good they showed that not akll is 1,2,3 done- that mishaps happen but in the end its friends and family.

Fair Christmas Special

It was a nice start until things got out of control after getting on the train, it wasn't jolly enough, it was a bit depressing, what disappoint me the most is that everyone went to different locations except Daisy because she got lost and ended up back to the Chalet which that was a poor decision & Minnie being anxious about everyone not getting back home in time for Christmas. At least on the Brightside Donald get to do something different like going to a tropical island, the mysterious stranger shows up as a taxi driver, conductor, and letting daisy borrow his snowmobile, there were a few a good laugh, and the songs were really good. It wasn't the best Mickey Mouse Holiday Special but better than Mickey's Twice upon a Christmas with the lousy GCI animation.
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