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Directors: Swinton O. Scott III [Director] ,

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The story of Greg Heffley, a middle-school scrawny boy with an unlimited ambition to be famous when he's older and an overactive imagination. In contrast to Greg, his best friend Rowley just breezes through life without any hardship and just seems to be successful without too much effort. In his journal, we get a first-person perspective into Greg's hilariously eventful life, and his out-of-the-box thoughts and ideas. In time, our little protagonist learns to appreciate his real friends and the satisfaction of doing what is right.


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Nothing Good to watch on Disney Plus

Why is everyone so rude?

This is just a lazy, one dimensional product. Did a behavioural student write this?

This was a horrible expereince.

Despite the horrible animation, this movie had potential and failed out of the starting block.

Don't watch this show.

Absolutely awful

Diary of a Wimpy Kid (2021) is the fifth attempt at a film for the book series by the same name. I've always had a soft spot for the first three, they have a great deal of character and good performances. The Long Haul was terrible, an obvious cash grab lacking all of the personality of the previous trilogy and a whole lot more toilet humor. So when I say that I hated this film even more than The Long Haul that should be enough for you to piece together just how awful this is.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid (2021) loosely follows the story of the first Wimpy Kid book. Greg and Rowley going to Middle school, coming across the cheese touch and a few bumps in their friendship. By all accounts this is the same plot as the (2010) live-action film, however, I did find it interesting that they didn't include much reference to the school play or wrestling and made no reference to Greg and Rowley joining the Safety Patrol. Missing out on all these events resulted in this film being really short, which was a good decision, I'm not sure I could have put myself through much more of this.

The real problem here is just the total lack of identity. You could tell the people making this really didn't care to emulate the feeling of the books, because none of that is present here. This just feels like a really cheap run-of-the-mill animated film. Talking about cheap, wow, now this was cheap. The animation style and quality looks straight out of 2006. But my real problem comes with the sound and audio.

Of course a lot of the problems with the audio can be put down to poor performances and they were poor don't get me wrong. I wouldn't even blame the voice actors, more so the casting and the direction. Almost everyone's delivery here was awful. All the lines sound like first attempts, I struggled to understand what they were saying a lot of the time. But the real problem comes down to the audio mixing. It was just way too quiet a lot of time.

I haven't really got much else to say here, apart from this: please do not watch this to see how bad it is. It isn't "so bad its good" or even "so bad its funny" its is just really boring.

The Start of Disney Plus' New Tradition

I've noticed Disney Plus is starting their new tradition that they're gonna start doing these kinds of films every year. And the 2021 Diary of a Wimpy Kid has given it to, well, quite a passible start. I'll be quite honest, I think I liked the live action film better than this one. But at least I obviously take this over The Long Haul any day. I do appreciate the effort of adapting to the book well, but the movie is too short for the story to show its first impression. The animation is okay, but it can be dated. The comedy can be fun to show a life in school like in the books, but it can end up a hit and miss. And the characters could've gotten the best than the live action films, but they feel off with Greg being stubborn to his own friend. I do get the same thing with the first live action film, but worse in this one. I know there will be Diary of a Wimpy Kid fans that grew up with the books and the live action films that would desire to watch a movie like this every year, starting with this one. So they probably have a good time with this one. However considering this is a short movie, I would recommend to treat this more like a special. It may not be the big zoo wee mama moment, but at least Disney Plus made a decent first impression with making more Diary of a Wimpy Kid movies.
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