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Comedy | Romance
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24 fps
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93 min
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4.8 / 10 
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Directors: Arnold Schwarzenegger [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Elizabeth is the star of a successful cooking show and author of several cookbooks. Alexander, her manager, sees a heroic forest ranger named Jefferson on the television news, saying he has lost his cabin in a fire and wishes he could get a home-cooked Christmas dinner. Alexander arranges for Elizabeth to do a special live show on Christmas, where she will cook a Christmas dinner for Jefferson. In reality, Elizabeth can't cook and trying to keep Jefferson and the viewing public from finding out may be a little difficult, especially on a live show. —Brian W Martz


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Save yourself the misery and just watch the original!

This movie sucks so bad I can't think of a single positive thing to say about it. It's not in the "so bad it's good" category, it's just so bad it's BAD! The acting is atrocious, the writing is worse, and it was directed by Arnold Schwarzenegger, so I think that says all that needs to be said about it. Just find yourself a copy of the original 1945 Christmas in Connecticut and watch that instead of losing the brain cells that will die from watching this piece of crap.

No just no

I love many of the actors in this movie. But this was just painful. I tried to keep an open mind but I couldn't watch. 10 minutes in we had to turn it off. Some movies should not be remade. This is one of them. The writing and premise of this movie was just poorly constructed. Again don't bother. We will watch the Barbara Stanwyck version and try to forget this movie ever existed.


?? Thumbs Way Down... For this horribly done remake of a 1945 Christmas movie classic... Performances are like fingernails on a chalkboard... Direction by "Arnie" is happily the only thing he was ever allowed to direct... The story has no joy (which was one of the beautiful things that made the original so cozy to watch on late Xmas Eve nights) This remake is like getting Gone With The Wind and trying to remake it with sitcom actors on a TV sitcom soundstage.. JUST DREADFUL.
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