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Directors: Adam White [Director] ,

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A successful business woman takes her boyfriend home for Thanksgiving only to find her family is scheming to reunite her with her lost love.


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Good clean humor, feel good movie

Enjoyable and several moments when the whole audice laughed out loud makes it a good sign of entertaining and funny movie. Reading some review by others have mentioned not relatable. For most people they might now find themselves in this situation I get it but what movies are relatable. I look for comedy films I judge them by is it entertaining and make me laugh and at the end it did both of these things were a check. I liked it was a clean movie that I could take my family to see and appreciate that it's not full of sexual content or pushing some political view on me. Likened to a Hallmark movie which this time of year feel good movies are nice to get me in the Christmas spirit.

An Enjoyable Romantic Comedy for the Whole Family

Before I watched the movie I read an interview with the writer/director, Adam White, and was curious to see if he pulled off creating a Hallmark-esque movie that men could enjoy. I also read reviews highlighting good points and some negative ones too. In short, I enjoyed the movie quite a bit and certainly feel it's worthy of re-watching.

I honestly thought the cast was pretty great. The acting talents of the adult characters kept me engaged in the story and everyone seemed natural cohesive. Everyone felt well-casted, although I would have liked to see more diversity in the main characters. Summer Bellessa did an admirable job leading the story, while Kevan Moezzi and Jason Gray played their roles quite well.

The story was relatable and interesting. Strangely, one bad review I read claimed the opposite, but after seeing the movie, I can only deduce that the reviewer must have been reviewing the trailer, not the movie. The movie laid-out everything; the background stories are well-established and the motives and conflicts are clearly reasonable.

I enjoyed the characters and performances of many of the supporting characters. Jon Heder's (Samantha's brother) hilarious post credit scene may be missed by some who didn't stay for the credits. Pat Finn (Samantha's father) was consistently funny and enjoyable. Every scene with Grandpa Joe, Barry Corbin, was enjoyable and often hilarious.

Adam White delivered on his promise to create a Hallmark-esque movie that all can enjoy. I laughed often and I was touched by the serious moments as well. I'm certain I will re-watch this film over the years.

Love Brooke White and Jon Heder

I adore both of these folks and they are two Instagram accounts I ALWAYS check out it's how I found this. I have all Brookes albums she's amazing - bringing awesome 70s singer /songwriter vibes today. I wish she'd be in more films as I also loved Banner 4th of July. And Jon I've adored since Napoleon I I'd Dynamite and Blades of Glory. He was in Brookes video for Get your boots on too check it out! Anyway my family EAGERLY preordered and thoroughly enjoyed this - all ages can enjoy it.
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