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Crime | Drama
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107 min
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6.5 / 10 
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Directors: Juuso Syrj? [Director] ,

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When the imprisoned serial killer Lasse Maasalo's face and a text "Let's make the world a better place" are painted to an underpass with blood, Kari Sorjonen is forced to confront the most difficult case of his career.


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There just wasn't enough time to develop the themes in this spin-off sequel film. Sorjonen was in the mental hospital unable to function yet the cops came to him for advice and, hey presto, he's out and back to normal.

However, was he? It's a difficult film to get into if one hasn't seen the previous seasons as we are dropped right into the characters without explanation or history. And Sorjonen is not himself - he is being manipulated by the sub-Hannibal Lecter figure orchestrating the murders of supposedly wicked people from his prison cell.

The whole story needed more development that couldn't be framed in a film format. There were also unexplained lapses of character - Sorjonen virtually sexually abuses a survivor at one stage, something I would not have expected. The final scene was also unexpectedly out of character too. Should we look more deeply though? Was it a deficiency in the script or was it the final manipulation by the killer of a damaged mind that should not have come out of the hospital?

Because it was a film, there was little in the way of sub-plots. I missed Lena's forays into Russia and the intricacies of the plotlines snaking across the frontier - it's called Bordertown, after all.

Well, I hope for another season when I'll put this film behind me.

IM A FAN! But...

I am a fan of the series, and I loved seeing everyone on the screen again, I think there are chapters of the series with more intrigue than the movie, even so I hope there will be more movies, my favorite Netflix series.

Two Much

Creators of this series are far tointo a contrived conflict and cat and mouse play between Soronen and Maasalo. So here they go again with Lena the FSB agent and the two daughters also returning. Good enough proceduralmovie with some added gore, viewers would be well off to know the backstories and previous seasons to appreciate it all. At least this time it seems to have some closure.
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