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Horror | Thriller
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25 fps
English 2.0  
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104 min
IMDB Rating:
6.7 / 10 
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Directors: Patrick Ridremont [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Eva, an ex-dancer, is now living in a wheelchair, unable to walk. when her friend Sophie gives her an old wooden antique advent calendar before Christmas, she realizes each window contains a surprise that triggers repercussions in real life: some of them good, but most of them bad - Now Eva will have to choose between getting rid of the calendar or walking again - even if it causes death around her. —WTFilms


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Very Refreshing Narrative

The Advent Calendar is within the genre of the most surprising films of 2021. Although it doesn't bring anything new, the film has a very well-developed story without falling into the genre stereotype and has something different that captivates the narrative. Very interesting.

Talentless Hollywood should learn from this

What a beautiful movie ..writers actually have brains and have used em unlike this marvel DC idiots....great imagination one of a kind...pls make more movies like these...actors are actually good looking unlike Hollywood bug foreheads and no upper lip talentless actors...great movie great horror...

Nothing new but surprisingly still captivating.

The movie is a bit disjointed.

The hospital scene cuts abruptly.

Some of the candies are eaten by other people (William in his mulled wine, the patient in the hospital, Sophia's boyfriend as an erection pill, Eva's father and that too twice).

According to the rules, all the candies were supposed to be eaten by Eva.

The kill sequences aren't nasty or shockings n there is an offscreen sex scene and almost zero nudity.

At times, Wishmaster part 4, The Craft n various other horror movies based on wishes came to mind.

I still cannot dig what Eva wrote on the mirror n why was that scene made.

But somehow the movie is captivating n it has a sense of dread throughout.

The demon in this one ain't scary or nasty.

Check out the demon from Kandisha.

The demon frm Kandisha is intimidating, malevolent n it tears apart it's victims in gruesome ways.
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