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Action | Horror
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78 min
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6.3 / 10 
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Directors: Yoshiyuki Kuroda [Director] ,

Movie Description:
The murder of an old man on sacred grounds provokes the intervention of vengeful y?kai (Japanese spirits.)


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Samurai film with a touch of the supernatural

Unlike Daiei Film's previous two 'y?kai' films (Y?kai hyaku monogatari (1968) and Y?kai daisens? (1968)), the monsters/ghosts/apparitions are not the central characters in this tale. Instead, we get a reasonably interesting samurai/gangster story about a crime boss trying to recover an incriminating document that was found by a little girl who is trying to find the father who abandoned her when she was born. The boss' henchmen kill an old man at prayer (the girl's grandfather), a desecration that arouses anger in the spirit world. The cursed gang-members are tormented by the y?kai as well as pursued by a rival gangster whose boss was murdered at the shrine. The entire supernatural subtext seems to be an afterthought and certainly is not necessary to the actual story. Lacking the permeating hallucinatory imagery of the first two 'y?kai' films, "Along with Ghosts" (T?kaid? obake d?ch?), while watchable, is not nearly as original or entertaining.

Different from the first 2 movies

This is a movie about his an old caretaker of a shrine that gets killed during a gang ambush. His granddaughter that is 7 years old is the witness and may possess something the gang wants. So a hunt for the little girl starts while she travels to another town to try to find her father....

I found this to be an eerie combination of moody hauntings and dark forests, some quite okay fighting scenes, and a quite cute small girl. I found this movie closer to scary than the first two movies, even though you did not see the monsters so much. Camera work and story I found clearly upgraded from the two first movies. Acting was also quite good.

If you wants to see lots of monsters/spirits I would say the 2 first movies are more for you.

Who would I recommend it to? People that like supernatural things combined with some fighting. Though if you do not like 7 years old girls that is sweeter than sugar then it is possible you will hate it. The monsters are for me more scary and better than in the two first, but for our time expecting it to be true horror is maybe expecting too much. But I am happy I saw this movie as I found it much better than expected.
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