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Comedy | Romance
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6.2 / 10 
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Directors: Kelly Makin [Director] ,

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Frances Mackenzie is a Canadian junior copy editor in New York, but lands the account of her favorite author, Michael Tate, who finds her honesty fascinating. Just after her boyfriend Calvin Puddie started a six month tour as a jazz musician, she learns to be pregnant. Having neglected to prolong her visa, Frannie is stuck with her parents in Canada after a visit. Just when she started to despair, Calvin returns and proves a wonderfully supportive father, both before and after the birth of their son, but leaves when she fails to affirm being in love... —KGF Vissers


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I simply loved it!

I've seen it today, on HBO (without commercials, thank God!), and I simply loved it! It's the perfect movie for a rainy ... almost winter day, perfect to warm your souls out!It's filled with emotions, and comic, but so real situations!My mother saw it before me and I was on the edge to ask her if Frannie was going to end up with that gorgeous, sensitive guy, named Calvin...or with Michael, the writer, also gorgeous, but a litte colder ... :) but I retained myself, and stayed till the end of the movie, and I'm glad I've done that!I'm in loved with the characters, they played their roles all so well!I'm not going to tell the story, because I've seen that others have done that before me, and they've done it well, so I will let you see the movie and tell for yourselves if you liked it or not! :) Enjoy it!

A tale reflecting reality

A very touching movie! Although the whole story does feel like a tale, it does reflect certain aspects of the real life, such as how we sometimes get lost in our life and make a tour that may take months to years before realize what we really want. The difference between a comedy and real life is that in real life if we miss something by mistake we can rarely find it back, whereas in a movie things will happen as you wish eventually. The movie leads us to think more about cherishing what life has granted and to think at least twice before we say something, which may cause permanent damage in the real life. In any case, the acting of both the actress and the actor is excellent! I really couldn't help bursting into tears at the end of the movie. I recommend everyone to watch it. By the way, as a girl I think Lucas Bryant (Calvin) is really sexy! :)

Watch this movie!

I wish I had known how good this movie was going to be; I would have recorded it. The previous poster already explained the plot. I want to add that the characters are well written and you will end up caring about what happens to them. The two leads have fantastic chemistry - he is HOT! I loved that the movie made me laugh. Many scenes did not feel contrived. It's not the usual "girl is in mortal danger and an idiot" plot or the "my love is going to change the man I love" crap.

Anyway, just go ahead and watch it. If you like romantic comedies, you should tape it. I am in my forties and this movie felt like the writers were not talking down to me or like I was wasting my time. I wish Lifetime would develop more believable stories like this one.
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