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Lauren Gabriel leaves everything behind in Boston to embark on a new chapter in her life and career. But an unforeseen detour to the charming town of Grandon Falls has her discover unexpected new chapters - of the heart and of family - helping her to embrace, once again, the magic of Christmas. —Hallmark


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Christmas Town

Hallmark regular Candace Cameron Bure plays the part of Lauren Gabriel, a teacher who has accepted a new job in a new city. On her way there, she stops in the town of Grandon Falls and discovers some things she was not looking for. Through her father, she has a connection to this place known as "Christmas Town", and it will come full circle.

The plot of this holiday story is simple, but it touches on most of the values that Hallmark stands for: family, love, belonging, traditions, and making memories.

Cameron Bure feels at home in this tale of tinsel. The supporting cast helps create a town of goodwill from the writer's words.

The final shot looks like a Hallmark card. How perfect.

Letters from her dad, a cat named sassy, a town I want to live in, and the true meaning of family.

This might possibly be my favorite hallmark Christmas movie to date. Candace Cameron Bure was her usual fabulous self, but what really got to me was the wonderful tale of foster care and adoption that was woven throughout this story. Don't worry there is plenty of Christmas activities and Christmas decorations...and a love story, but what made this "more" besides the well rounded cast creating what felt like honest friendship was the lesson about what makes a family and how important and special that is to a child in the foster care system.(FYI: Candace's hair looked fabulous in this film.)If you want a feel good Christmas movie that might make you cry, but in a good way...this could be the film for you!

Angel Has Broken, Like The First Angel... Cliché Filled Christmas Romance.

Before I get into the review, here are my ratings for the movie.

The story gets 1 out of 2:The Direction a 1.25:The Pacing receives a 1.25:While the Acting gets 1.25:And my Enjoyment level earns a 1.25 out of 2:This brings the total for Christmas Town to 6 out of 10.

Here is yet another Chrimbo Telly Flick. And, to be honest, you've seen it all before, and, done better. That doesn't mean Christmas Town is a bad film or not worth watching. Even though the writers Wesley Bishop and Donald Martin hash together every conceivable Christmas Genre Cliché, though the novelist Donna VanLiere may be responsible for them, it's still an enjoyable film.

So here are the cliches - Girl leaves boyfriend and moves out of town for a new job; because the man doesn't want a family yet - Train makes an impromptu stop before her destination, dropping her off at a town that loves Christmas (Isn't this every American village. If we believe the movies?) - A handsome stranger, who she confuses with a Taxi driver, offers his help in transporting her into town - There's no room at the Inn, but a local shop owner offers her his loft room to bunk in - There's a Christmas Café selling the Best Christmas Cookie's ever baked, and in this shop is a picture of her long-dead father - In the picture is the Angel he bought for her on his last Christmas; the one that broke and he returned to the shop in town to be repaired - The shop she in which she is now loft-living - The handsome stranger returns with his son, who he is fostering; how perfect is this guy, and we learn she too was an orphan, and in the system.

And this is just the first ten minutes, Wow!

The most satisfying thing about the story is that no matter how outlandish it gets, we go along with it. Because like a turkey. it's suffused delicious things. In this instance, it's brimming with heartwarming goodwill and cheery remembrances.

And, David Weaver, the director, continues these feelings throughout the film. There's snow and fairy lights abound, and when the sun radiates it's golden hues stroke the land. Everything in the film is lush and lavish, the ideal settings for a Christmas Tale.

Warner opts to keep the storytelling to a steady trot, which maintains the films smooth flow. The pace also helps to interrupt the audiences thought processes. Because, if you thought too hard about it you'd realise the story is complete hogwash. Not only for the cliches but for all the continuity errors. Keep it fast, entertaining, and interesting and you can get away with murder. And it works.

Thankfully, the cast is excellent in their roles. Candace Cameron Bure makes a lovely cat-woman spinster, Lauren. Tim Rozon is the ideal Handsome Stranger, Travis. These two work well together and help to make their unbelievable romance believable. There's a nice easy chemistry between the couple and helps to fortify the atmosphere of the film.

So pick up the eggnog, grab the duvet and your beloved and settle down in front of the telly for a romantic Christmas evening. Don't forget to soften the lights and turn on your twinklies. If you enjoy your Chrimbo movies then this is for you. As with most things romantic, it's best to leave your brain at the door, and enjoy.

Jump into a tall handsome strangers truck and come look-see at my Ho! Ho! Ho! Christmas Belles list at where the Broken Angel crashed into my rankings.

Take Care & Stay Well & Happy Christmas.
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